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Solution Chase Help!

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We have recently purchased a Solution for our school and I have been having some issues programming chases!


When I program any chases with generic lights in, when the chase reaches the last step the generic lanterns dim and then come back on once the chase begins again. Do I need to make the chase loop so that this does not happen or am I not doing/missing something else?!


Apologies if this doesn't make sense but I am quite desperate for some help!





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Hi Jon


Just tried this myself and the only way I can see the same as you describe is when I insert a final step with no levels recorded (i.e. blackout). If I set faders for the first step and press record, set the faders for the second step and press the memory location of the first step and press record, then change memory to a chase. Set and record the third step, and so on until the last step is programmed. Select "clear" and reset the faders. Select the memory and press "go" to activate it. If you want the memory available on a submaster select the shift key and press "copy" then select the submaster you want the chase on.


If this hasn't helped, any chance you can save a show file and post here?





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