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what about the number of possible Submaster on Solution (not XL) ?

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normally on the Solution Desk we have 20 pages of 10 Submaster each (-> 200 Subs)

but we can also have up to 30 Submaster/page (instead of 10)


personnaly I am using just a few dimmers and don't need all these preset faders


so in my case I managed to have 22 Submaster on one page (the 10 officials plus 12 others for which I use the 12 preset-faders just above (via DMX-IN)


I never had enough Subs to fill all the pages (and never will...); but one can get 20 pages...

so I am wondering if I have now 440 possible Submasters (20 pages et 22 Subs) or if the "page-filling" ends at the total number of 200 Subs ??


(I am just curious about it; I think I never will use even the 200 Subs.... B)

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