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Looking For Small Console With Ability To Create Submasters

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Hi there.


I occasionally provide lighting to small events where a 12/24 or maybe a 24/48 console would be an appropriate physical size. I already have a Soulution XL for bigger events but would like a smaller console which has the functionality to turn the B preset into a submaster. DMX patching and being able to 'flash' these submasters would be a benefit too. It doesn't have to have ML capability but I guess looking forward, that functionality would probably be useful in the long term.


Do zero88 have any current thoughts on this? Having searched the web, I know it is possible with another manufacturer but would like to stick with the quality of Zero88 kit.


The reason I ask is that I'll have a couple of schools productions coming up and already have a variety show and a play in the diary - I could use such a console for each of these events :)


Such a console would be popular with smaller venues, including village halls, community and small drama groups.





Ahem - oops. I see the Jester can do the things I'm looking for... :)

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Hi Mike,


Yep - the Jester range can do all of that, and you have the option of the ML section or not :-)



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