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LeapFrog hardware upgrade for remote?

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Hi guys,


I'm a leapfrog user, and I have a question about the remote function.

I have a iPhone 3G with the ZerOS app on it installed. Also I bult in my flightcase an D-Link Router with accespoint, so I can connect through wifi with the console.


I'm currently running 7.4. 0 on my desk, I have the remote enabled, and the desk tells me he has a DCHP adress, so in short.... my desk ik connected to the router.


Now when I connect my iphone the AP en open the app, I'm not able to see my desk.

Does this mean it is nog working is do I have to upgrade my desk first with the hardeware upgrade kit?


Please give me some more information about this, i'm a little confused about this issue.


Thanks for you're time!

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Hi there,


You don't need a hardware upgrade to enable the ZerOS Remote app.


What type of router do you have? D-Link have a large product range, so it's worth checking the exact model number. Most importantly, we need to know if this router is acting as a DHCP server.


Is your iPhone connected to the router, and does it have an IP address allocated from that router? What are the IP addresses of the two devices?


If you're using DHCP on both devices, and the DHCP server (router) is allocating sequential addresses, you should see something like and for the two devices.


If you try connecting a PC to the same router, does the ZerOS Remote Monitor application allow you to connect to the console?

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It is the D-Link DIR-615, I gues it is working as an DCHP host because my desk says he recieve an IP adres en I can view it on my external screen.

My phone is also able to connect to the router, but he doesn't find a desk. I don't have the desk with me, so I can't give you an exact ip, but that is not the case I gues. Do I have the change settings on my router? Open port or something (gues not because it is a LAN)


What can I do to make it work?


Where is the hardware update for then? On the website it says, art-net..../remote? So?

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