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Date and time is wrong - the desk is in the middle age...

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we have a problem with our fat frog desk. Since last time, the date is set to




an the time to





We changed it in super user mode to the right date / time settings, but after a restart we had the same effect - 1570.


When we go to super user mode into the date and time menu and don't change everything, leave the menu without changing everything, the date is automatically set to




an the time to





What can be the problem with our fatfrog desk?


We run the software 10.12.1 since it was released, i think there is no one which was released after?!


The Bios is 5.0.1 and the operation System is 13.3.32. Do we have to update one of these - are the later released objects and if where i can download them?



Thanks for some helpful answers.


Greetings from Germany, Bremen



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Hi Nils,


Sounds like the desk battery is going. Can you pm me on the address below so I can date the desk and let you knwo what you need to do.

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