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Fat frog reboots when accessing floppy drive

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I have a strange problem in that whenever i try to access the floppy drive, even with no disk in the drive the console turns off for a couple of seconds and then reboots. I've not known a floppy drive to reboot a machine (be it a lighting desk or computer) when its faulty, they normally just cant read disks. Is this likely to be a bad floppy disk drive or a more serious problem, i don't have any working disk drives to try and would like to know this will fix it before i go and buy one.

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That sounds like a problem with the PSU going into reset when the drive is accessed.

This could indicate a problem with the PSU. Try measuring the 5v rail and see what its level it is at.


It could also indiacte a problem with the drive motor over drawing.


It might be be a case of things right on the edge of their tolerance.

The drive is drawing a little more than it used to due to age etc, the PSU over load sense circuit is right on the edge.

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