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as a new Illusion 500 user I have two simple questions:

what are the advantages (or disadvantages) of Full mode


and why is it that I need to press so many buttons if I simply want to modify a single cue?

let'say I'm in cue 5 and I need to update channel 1 from 50% to 80%.

now this is what I do:

I first select the right cue, then press edit live, then update the channel, then save, then select 'this que only' and finaly F7 autofollow (which I selected earlier, so why need to select it again??)



If I'm in que 5 and select Channel 1 @ 80%-> save. then everything else goes out but channel 1 remains, so that's no option (which I think is to bad cause it's the shortest way)


Or am I doing something wrong here?


thanx in advance!


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