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Perfecting the sound to light fuction

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Hello again,


I have been playing with the Sound to Light function again. It appears that the mid-range frequency trigger is very sensitive and sometimes triggers another frequencies mainly the low. I thought it might be necessary to run the audio feed through an EQ or Gate before signaling the Illusion. I thought this might be necessary to get a more clearly separated frequency trigger. Any experience with this? Because a music playback has so many frequencies overlapping, the sound to light function doesn't look clear. What's the trick?


Currently I am sending the Illusion an audio playback feed via an audio console which allows me to adjust the volume of the playback to the Illusion. It appears that I need to send the Illusion a strong signal to really get it to respond but then some frequency/channels are continuously lit. I adjusted the output of that frequency and I am down to below 05 to turn it off. Now I have no range in output. What am I doing wrong?




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The sound-to-light hardware is the same in the Illusion and Frog desks. Try searching for equalizer to see other users experiences with filtering the input for a better response.

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