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  1. Zeros Remote android issues

    Hi My tab started to work with the desk after I posted the thread I just used dhcp on the desk, another issue is when in the app the screen of the app will flicker. The works app with the desk its just the app will flicker on my screen on the tab, it only flickers when something is change. Is this something that can be fixed or is it just something that happens with android.
  2. Zeros Remote android issues

    Hi I have a versus tablet running android, i downloaded the remote app for the zero 88 orb lighting desk we have at my college, but when trying to use my tab to control the desk it doesn't seem to work, I connect to the wireless router with my tablet i run the app it shows to desk ip i tap it, then i enter the password but then i just have a black screen and that's the issue. If someone could help it would be appreciated.