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  1. Hello Jon, i have a question about using the touchscreen instead of the command line. for example when i want to move or copy a group i select the group with the touchscreen and then i push copy to and that wil not work but if i type "group 1 move to 2" that wil work fine. Also when i chance my positon and then push update and then touch the possition on my touchscreen it wiil not work but if i type "pos 1 update" it will work fine. Why does it not working when i use the touchescreen to give the command?? i use versie but i see that the beta of 7.9 already is online hidden somewere but i cant see it? can you give me access to 7.9 i really want to try it. best regards Youri
  2. Proposal: RIP Submasters?

    I think its a great idea to make the software all the same on all the desks I only have one question i use the submasters a lot and i dont see any problem to use the playbacks as a submaster. But i also use the function inhibiter a lot. I make 2 diverend kind of submasters normal ones with intensity and the ones with the groups and then i can select if it is a inhibiter. Will this function still work with playbacks??? Hope to hear a answer Best regards, Youri
  3. Hello, i have a question about the function change of the playback fader. you can choose between 1 way, 2 way and A/B. but i dont see the diverence at all the 3 functions it chance in 1 way only. i have version on my orb XF. Als i have a question about selecting channels and put the in full for checking Lamps. on a old sparktop we can use the + button to go 1 channel further and put it on with full then. is there a function on the XF to check channels and put the on and off for example: 1@full + @full + @full + @full what happen is 1 goes on and then 2 and 3 and 4. Is this possible?