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  1. Future feature changes/requests

    HTP. The external software gives me a "film" consisting of RGB colours. The console should override this whith white patterns. So I can strobe at every moment.
  2. Future feature changes/requests

    I want to use an external Software for LED Matrix Operation with ADJ Dotz Illusion. It would be fine to have an ArtNet Input for ORB XF.
  3. ab sofort, für öfter. Diskotheken, Bands, ... location: www.freiheit15.com Kontakt: klee@freiheit15.com
  4. Intersection

    Hi Franck, I tried that. GROUP X AND GROUP Y ENTER gaves me the union of sets, unfortunately not the intersection. http://i.stack.imgur.com/kIlCI.png I'am looking for a logical AND operator.
  5. Intersection

    Hi, is there a possibility to select fixtures, which are part of both group x and group y, like "group x AND AND group y" Roy