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  1. Backup/Update Leap Frog 48

    Hey We have a leap frog 48 but i cant find anything about how to backup the desk to a USB stick. Are there new updates for this desk? Has anyone a answer to my questions. Cheers Jan
  2. Leap Frog Vs. Solution

    Thanks a lot- the day i wrote this, I found the designoption by myself ;-)
  3. Leap Frog Vs. Solution

    Hi We own a Leapfrog 48. On my last visit, I saw, the Leapfrog turnt into a "Solution". So I wonder, what are the differnces between the two desks? After an update to 7.7.0, I expected the graphics change to the Solutions layout. But unfortuntely the design is still "oldscool". Is there a way to change this? Regards Alain