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  1. RGB blending

    Thank you that's done the trick, I wasn't untagging
  2. RGB blending

    Hi I am having trouble with blending colours using sub masters, I have set up 4submaster: sub1 fixture intensity, sub2 red, sub3 green and sub4 blue. They work fine separately ie sub1+sub2 @ 100%, but if I add sub4 @100% to create purple it knocks off sub2 and leaves just blue All subs are set to HTP Is there anything I can do? Thank you in advance, Ben
  3. Adjusting Windows

    thanks Jon, I new it was something simple! thanks for the speedy reply Ben
  4. Adjusting Windows

    Hi, I've been searching through the manual and found how to create a new window but it doesn't seem to explain how to adjust the size or position of them also I can only open them on desktop 1 I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but can you help me out? Thanks Ben
  5. Stairville Compact LED Bar 4

    Hi, I've just been told I need to get a fixture file for the Stairville compact LED Bar 4, 14ch by tonight! I know there is a 7ch version, but we need control of each individual light, can anyone help me out? http://images4.thomann.de/pics/atg/atgdata/document/manual/c_298052_en_online.pdf Thank you in advance Ben
  6. Chauvet Slimpar Pro Vw

    Hi Mike, Thank you! they work perfectly, you have saved the day thanks again Ben
  7. Chauvet Slimpar Pro Vw

    Hi, has anyone got a fixture file for the Chauvet SlimPar Pro VW, tried making it myself but can't seem to get my head around the editor Thanks Ben