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  1. Printing

    And now, is there a mean to print a show from an illusion 500? Thank you
  2. problem with multi-part scene

    Hi Peter, Here is my show. Sorry for the delay, I'd to find a PC (I work with Macintosh) with a floppy disk... I changed the cuelist and remove my multipart scenes and replaced them by macro end masters link. The problem is with the cue 70 for example. Thank you if you know what is the problem or what I'm doing wrong. BUT... I can't add my attachment, I've an error message that says "the extension isf is not allowed". What can I do? Gatto
  3. problem with multi-part scene

    Hi Peter, In fact it's an Illusion 500 with software 1.7.1. The BIOS is the 5.1.1 and the serial number is 00-342-01 XXXXXXXX Thank you for your help. Gatto Moderation: Serial Number removed from public forum.
  4. I use a Illusion 120 in full mode. I have some multi-part scenes in my sequence. When the mutli-part scene arise on stage, only the first part is viewed. If I edit live the first part and I save again (with OK button), the others parts are ok. What is the problem? I use only traditional. Thank you.
  5. Partial recording

    Thanks for the quick answer. Have a good day, Stephane
  6. Partial recording

    Hi! I'm using a leap frog and i'd like to program only the strobe in a submaster. How can I do that, without programming the other beamshape parameters? Thanks, Stephane
  7. CS-4 from Studio Due

    Thank you Peter. I'll try this profile the first week of 2006. I'll give you my comments! Merry Xmas, St├ęphane
  8. CS-4 from Studio Due

    Saturday is fine, thank you very much.
  9. CS-4 from Studio Due

    Hi Peter, Excuse me I can't check my mails for a few days. I'll only use one CS-4 in my show which is a theatratical performance. So I think I can patch intensity in normal HTP faders and control the Pan and Tilt with the fixture panel. I'll patch 2 other moving head and 36 dimmers. So I can patch several fixtures for my CS-4. How can I edit the fixture file if I will to try to make a file? Thank you (and sorry for the obscure nature of this fixture). I don't know what Studio Due think about that. I'll write them an email.
  10. Hello everybody, I'll do a show with my LeapFrog and CS-4 from Studio Due. I didn't find the specifications to put it in the frog... (it's not in the fixture release 15). Where can I find it? Thanks Gatto