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  1. colour palette issue

    Hi. Jon have you read my post? Best regards Michael
  2. colour palette issue

    Hi I have reinstalled software and co processors 1 & 2 firmware. This didn't solve the problem. Showfile in attachement (I made new one after reinstalling software) I've tried with smart tag on and off - the same result. Also tried with original mac500 fixture (I have created my own which has macros and other updates that matches my mac500 fixtures) When i loaded showfile to phantomzeros - the same result. Best regards Michael Colour palette failure.isf
  3. colour palette issue

    Hi. I will check this,but in the evening. If not, I will try to make it once again. Second issue: Mode and address was OK - i have checked it in the first place. NOT whole fixture wasn't working. Only one channel. I don't have showfile from "before unpatching" As I said problem was solved by repatching fixture. I tried also before repatching to set another fixture to the same address that the other one wasn't working on one channel. Then the second fixture behave as the first one.- that is why i repatched the first one. By the way: Is it possible to save showfiles in the desk memory not on external flash drive? Manual says that it is possible but without connected flash drive i have no drive to select. Best regards Michael
  4. Hi. I have updated solution to today. Now when I create colour palettes for selected 6 the same fixtures and then select another 4 or patch next same fixtures and select them, programmed colours in palettes only affects on first 6 fixtures. All of them are the same (mac500). Before update and on phantomzeros I can make palletes only for one fixture and then patch or select next of the same type, stored colours on palette afects all fixtures selected. On desk doesn't. Am I doing something wrong or this is a bug? I am In tracking advanced mode. Second issue: in one fixture (of selected 10) there was no affect when selected prism, I have unpatched and repatched this fixture and everything works fine now but such things shouldn't happen. Both happened with cleared desk, after updating software. Fixtures were patched only and started making colour palettes. Best regards Michael