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  1. Cue starts with full open white

    It sounds like you have a colour fade on your first scene in the cue stack, what is happening when you raise the fader is that the LED Par cans are in their 'Home' position, open white, then they fade to the cue position. one way to get around this problem would be to set the colour fade to 0 for the first cue, this way when you raise the fader the colour will jump to the cued colour but the intensity will raise with the fader. this will of course snap the colour from the last cue to the first cue if you are programming a chase or loop effect. Another work around would be to change the home values for the colours to 0. Hope this sheds some light on your problem.
  2. That is the legacy method. All you need to do now is copy the install file to the root of your usb stick.boot up you desk, Plug you stick into the desk and select [setup] [load file] then choose the instal file. From here you can probably follow the instructions on the desk. Hope this helps
  3. ML Position move time

    Silly question When you say fade time do you mean the beam fade time?
  4. Triggering cues problem

    Are you using the bump button as the tap tempo on the triggered chase? if so I had this problem and it is a known bug in the current software. It has been fixed in the next release due out, (it has been fixed in the beta group) If you have a sub master (chase) triggered by a macro from another cue, then use the bump button as a tap tempo, the triggered cue will not get released using a release macro, if you do not use the bump button as a tap tempo then it should get released with the release macro. Hope this helps
  5. Output window by group

    Hi This may be a bit of an obscure request, but here it goes. I was working a show that had just over 350 fixtures in it. a lot you may think that is a lot but 250 of them where LED pixel strips, 1 RGB led in the strip was the equivalent to 1 fixture. (on a side note the desk performed well, no sluggish behaviour or random crashing when running effects with over 250 plus fixtures) i noticed that with this many fixtures the output screen became very cumbersome to use due the the shear amount of RGB fixtures. With this i had a thought, would it be possible to see outputs by group, (if a fixture is not in a group then it shows as an individual unit)? Or collapse groups of fixtures. Currently the output window displays fixtures grouped (not as a pallet but by their name). can these auto name groups be collapsed and expanded to help clean up the output window. The main reason for asking is that most of the time i did not need to see the ~250 RGB fixtures as i was treating them as one once i had programmed the effects. Hope i have explained this well enough, Kind regards
  6. FLX S24 and Solution - control of LED fixtures

    Go to the playback cue stack hold down [program window] then the press the flash button of the playback in question. and change the colour fade time from 0, this will give you a smooth fade rather than a snap. I am not in front of my desks to test, but this may also be something to do with the behaviour of your FLX24. One other thing to check on your FLX24, have you got your playbacks to release on lower, as it sounds like they are not releasing? If you press [setup] this will load the setup screen, down the left side you will see an option for [Defaults] then you will see all of the delay and fade time defaults for the desk. (this only effects the times at the point of recording, if you override the times then these defaults have no effect) I think the problem may be to do with your cue stack rather than the fader function. as a starting point I would check your timings in the cue stacks Solution: hold down [program window] then the press the flash button of the playback in question. FLX : hold down [View] then the press the flash button of the playback in question. Hope this helps.
  7. Can't get remote app to connect

    Fantastic just updated and working a treat. Thanks
  8. Can't get remote app to connect

    Do you know a time scale for this? some time ago In the beta group you released the Android app through the forum (this required android users to disable a security feature for third party apps to be installed) would it be possible to do this again for your inpatient users Regards Derek
  9. Can't get remote app to connect

    From what I remember this is a known bug since 7.9.3. If you need the remote app try downgrading the desk until a fix has been published.
  10. Effekte beim Solution nicht aktiv

    Hi. Try to recreate the effects pallets. This should fix the issues. What console are you using and what version of Zeros are you using?
  11. Matrix/ Pixel mapping

    To be honest i gave up on the idea zero 88 will put pixel mapping into their consoles any time soon. I now use an alternative lighting console for this.
  12. pixel mapping

    Hi, I think this is more a question for Jon and the Zero88 team, but thought I would post it in the public domain rather than speak with them direct to get general feedback. Anyway, I am currently touring panto where we have been making good use of several Pixel strips (ws2811 chips for anyone interested) we have several DMX decoders that basically assign each pixel with 3 DMX channels (RGB) unfortunately Zeros desks do not offer pixel mapping capability so I am having to use a tiger touch L, I would however prefer to use one of my Zeros desks, leading me onto my question. I know it is a big ask but is this something Zero88 would consider implementing into their desks in the near future, I have seen pixel mapping getting used more and more over the last few months and would really like to be able to use my Zeros desks to control them. I know a lot of people will say use a media server or similar for this, but if you only want to light a small area then a media server is just over kill, if the strip is kept within one or two universes it would be great to just use the lighting console. Cheers
  13. Adjusting External Monitor Resolution

    thats what i was thinking, although when i try disabling my monitor i still get the resolution option. if enabling the monitor makes no difference try installing the OS again, it may jump start it into working again. latest software is downloadable from this link along with instructions on how to do the install. http://zero88.com/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/587/
  14. Adjusting External Monitor Resolution

    I know you have already said you have no option for resolution but to just check. You have entered [setup] selected [system settings] and under the group [external display settings] you have no resolution option? Uder the same group do you have the option for [monitor]? If so what us it set to? Last question, what version of Zeros are you running?
  15. Control Jester TLXtra trough IOS

    Hi, unfortunately no it is not currently possible to control this console over a network, Wireless or wired. for this you would need a ZEROS console like FLX, Solution or Orb. Hope this helps, sorry it wasn't the answer you where hoping.
  16. What version are you running? I had a similar problem with on the FLX but didnt have time to look further into the behaviour. I will have another look on friday, i am sure it never used to have this behaviour in 7.8
  17. naming cues in syntax

    Hi, I think this is more a bug for the Zero 88 team. I am running 7.9.2 released OS, when programming a show last week i was using the syntax [record][name] and entering a name. this worked for all of the cues I had recorded but here is the problem; When I use the syntax i expect the name to be clear if it is going into a new cue, allowing me to type a name in, if i am updated or overwriting a cue, for example [record][22][name] (cue 22 has been previously recorded and named) i expect that the name field should be populated with the original name of 22, so you know that you are overwriting it. this all works fine, but now the bug, One i have updated or played back an existing cue the syntax [record][name] now pre-populates with what ever cue was last to be played back or updated giving the impression that you are about to overwrite an existing cue, but all you are doing as added a new cue. Is it possible to have the name field blank if you are recording a new cue, and only pre-populate it if you are editing a cue? Cheers
  18. naming cues in syntax

    Just an additional thought on this, when the virtual keyboard is displayed for naming the cue it currently shows 'FLX Record Option' could you append the cue number to the end if its relating to an existing cue, and append 'new cue' or an asterisk if its relating to a new cue? so its would then read 'FLX Record Option for cue 22' for updating/overwriting existing cues and 'FLX Record Option for new cue 23' for recording a new cue.
  19. LED with Amber

    Why not have a calobration feature where each individual fixture can be calobrated by the user within the edit fixture screen. With my Led fixtures they already have calobration that i can set what colour temperature my fixturs output at allowing me to match them all to look the same.
  20. Move in Dark problems when jumping cues

    Add my vote too please
  21. Fat Frog Generic channels won't go beyond 80%

    Agreed Dont use switch cleaner as this will remove the lubricant within the slider and make it worse, it will also loose the smooth slide action. At most (if the full reset and compressed air doesn't work) use a clean small cotton bud.
  22. Fat Frog Generic channels won't go beyond 80%

    This sounds like you have dirt in the channel sliders. I had this problem once with an old frog (from what i remember the faders are linked so if one is giving dodgy resistance values then it can have a knock on effect) i opened mine up and gave it a good clean i also had to replace some of the bad faders, it all worked again after that. Although i dont recommend you do this yourself if you are not comfortable with electronics. Maybe take it to a zero88 distrabuter for a service.
  23. Assign Fixtures from USB takes ages

    I have had a look at your fixture file and it seems ok to me. I also loaded it onto my FLX and that worked to, I will try my solution when i get home. I know it is not a Jester ML but i would have thought if they load onto the other desks then the fixture file is OK. have you tried a small pen drive, I know if i use a larger pen drive on any of my consoles it is a lot slower. I would try with a 1GB pen drive.
  24. Chase issue

    Sounds odd. I have not had that happen before but if you want to upload a show file i will give it a try on my desk.
  25. FLX fixture patching

    Do the Chroma Bars have more than one mode? Are you using the right mode? Is the start address the same on both the chroma bar and flx? Try setting it to address 1 to see if it works. Are you plugged into the correct universe? If you can upload, or get a link to the correct manual i can check the fixture libary to ensure it is programmed right for your model/version. Sometimes the fixture library doesn't have all changes when manufacturers update a fuxture. Also swap out you dmx cable for a different one so you can rule out falty cables.