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  1. Can't get remote app to connect

    Fantastic just updated and working a treat. Thanks
  2. Can't get remote app to connect

    Do you know a time scale for this? some time ago In the beta group you released the Android app through the forum (this required android users to disable a security feature for third party apps to be installed) would it be possible to do this again for your inpatient users Regards Derek
  3. Can't get remote app to connect

    From what I remember this is a known bug since 7.9.3. If you need the remote app try downgrading the desk until a fix has been published.
  4. Effekte beim Solution nicht aktiv

    Hi. Try to recreate the effects pallets. This should fix the issues. What console are you using and what version of Zeros are you using?
  5. Matrix/ Pixel mapping

    To be honest i gave up on the idea zero 88 will put pixel mapping into their consoles any time soon. I now use an alternative lighting console for this.
  6. Adjusting External Monitor Resolution

    thats what i was thinking, although when i try disabling my monitor i still get the resolution option. if enabling the monitor makes no difference try installing the OS again, it may jump start it into working again. latest software is downloadable from this link along with instructions on how to do the install. http://zero88.com/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/587/
  7. Adjusting External Monitor Resolution

    I know you have already said you have no option for resolution but to just check. You have entered [setup] selected [system settings] and under the group [external display settings] you have no resolution option? Uder the same group do you have the option for [monitor]? If so what us it set to? Last question, what version of Zeros are you running?
  8. Control Jester TLXtra trough IOS

    Hi, unfortunately no it is not currently possible to control this console over a network, Wireless or wired. for this you would need a ZEROS console like FLX, Solution or Orb. Hope this helps, sorry it wasn't the answer you where hoping.
  9. What version are you running? I had a similar problem with on the FLX but didnt have time to look further into the behaviour. I will have another look on friday, i am sure it never used to have this behaviour in 7.8
  10. naming cues in syntax

    Just an additional thought on this, when the virtual keyboard is displayed for naming the cue it currently shows 'FLX Record Option' could you append the cue number to the end if its relating to an existing cue, and append 'new cue' or an asterisk if its relating to a new cue? so its would then read 'FLX Record Option for cue 22' for updating/overwriting existing cues and 'FLX Record Option for new cue 23' for recording a new cue.
  11. naming cues in syntax

    Hi, I think this is more a bug for the Zero 88 team. I am running 7.9.2 released OS, when programming a show last week i was using the syntax [record][name] and entering a name. this worked for all of the cues I had recorded but here is the problem; When I use the syntax i expect the name to be clear if it is going into a new cue, allowing me to type a name in, if i am updated or overwriting a cue, for example [record][22][name] (cue 22 has been previously recorded and named) i expect that the name field should be populated with the original name of 22, so you know that you are overwriting it. this all works fine, but now the bug, One i have updated or played back an existing cue the syntax [record][name] now pre-populates with what ever cue was last to be played back or updated giving the impression that you are about to overwrite an existing cue, but all you are doing as added a new cue. Is it possible to have the name field blank if you are recording a new cue, and only pre-populate it if you are editing a cue? Cheers
  12. LED with Amber

    Why not have a calobration feature where each individual fixture can be calobrated by the user within the edit fixture screen. With my Led fixtures they already have calobration that i can set what colour temperature my fixturs output at allowing me to match them all to look the same.
  13. Move in Dark problems when jumping cues

    Add my vote too please
  14. Fat Frog Generic channels won't go beyond 80%

    Agreed Dont use switch cleaner as this will remove the lubricant within the slider and make it worse, it will also loose the smooth slide action. At most (if the full reset and compressed air doesn't work) use a clean small cotton bud.
  15. Fat Frog Generic channels won't go beyond 80%

    This sounds like you have dirt in the channel sliders. I had this problem once with an old frog (from what i remember the faders are linked so if one is giving dodgy resistance values then it can have a knock on effect) i opened mine up and gave it a good clean i also had to replace some of the bad faders, it all worked again after that. Although i dont recommend you do this yourself if you are not comfortable with electronics. Maybe take it to a zero88 distrabuter for a service.