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  1. 7.9.2 Questions

    More Questions.... first the hint at the MFF-Fader acting as ProgrammTimer was great, and also die "Speed"-Option for an MFF ist controlling the Override-Speed like the Override-Knob on the Solution. And I also discoverd that the Override only works on the last selected Cue-Stack. Very nice would be additional Options to change Speed and Size of Effect relative to the original Size. bute back to my next Question.. I like to have more than 10 Playback in direct control, so I'm using a small 12channel DMX-Controller and some of the Channel-Fader via DMX-Merger to Control Playbacks via DMX-IN. For example Cannel-Fader44 is patched to DMX 4/44, DMX-Out4 ist Linked To DMX-In and DMX-In Channel 44 controls Sumbaster 184. When I lift the Remote -Fader quick at the maximum also the Flash-Button function is triggered. The Event-Monitor says "Button 0x902B () - Press." - but not released. When I now press the Shift-Button, because I will use the Shifted Function on another running Submaster, in my Case a 2step Cue-Stack Red-Blue and Blue Red with Go(fade) on Flash button and Go(snap) as shiftet Flash-Button, the shiftet function of the Button triggered by the remote Fader is activated. Having something stored on the Remote-Fader without an Intensities and Solo is definied as shifted Function the Desk is performing somethin like an Blackout... Ok, I can Limit the Remote-Fader to 95%, so the Button isn't triggered, or I can set the Shifted-Button function of the remoted Submasters also to Flash, but in my opinion the Button-Function should not be triggered. When I lift the Remote-Fader slowly to 100% the Button-Function is not triggered.The desk shoud recognize die difference between using a Flash-Button 0% to 100% in 1 Step and quickly raising the Fader in less than half an second. If i move th fader very quick the event monitor al least show me 2 change of fader level before tiggering the Button-Function. I slowed down the speed changing the fader up to 14 entries in the event Monitor still having th Button-Function triggered at the end. I think this is a Bug not a Feature! Greetings Uli
  2. 7.9.2 Questions

    Hi Edward, unfortunally this will not work on the Solution Desk.The Solution has no MFF. Only Channels and Submaster/Playbacks. Uli
  3. 7.9.2 Questions

    Hi There, I have updatet our desk to 7.9.2 and I'am happy about the changes. The desk will never be a fast one, the redraw of the internal displays can't be fasten up, but I will live with this. Now on easter-holidays I found free time to check some problems/questions. I have a pProblem with the Time-Button. I'm used to fade between palettes by holding the Time-Button selecting the palette. When I stay to long on the Time-Key afer choosing the palette a new/single "Time" command apperars in the command line same If I press the "Time-Button" too early. The next choice of a other palette ist written behind the "Time" command in die command line ande the desk tries to execut the new command but nothing happens. The colour of the command line changes from yellow to red, for several moments. After changing back to yellow the palette name disappears bit there ist sill the "Time" command. To ged rid of I have to clear the selection oder use backspace to delete the command. Witch purpose has the "Time" comand, I didn't find it in the new manual. If its nessesary for some function, perhaps a function "Time" and afterwards selection of a palette will trigger the same command as "Time" and palette at the same time. Or a "lock funktion" for "Time" so that palette always change by time. I have also some Ideas for the shifted Flash-Button. I like to have a "Go Back" funkton. Also nice would be if "Pause" also releases the Pause-Function - For example I rund a chase on a submaster, with standart Flash-Button. The shiftet Flash-Button will pause the chaser, and next use oft shifted flash lte the chaser finish the pause. And the Shift-Button is so far away from the Submaser-Buttons. I don't need 2 Step-Buttons. Perhaps a Assing-Funktion like on the old Insert-Button is possible convert the left Step-Button to a Shift-Button. My Laber-Printer to change the Labelling ist just around... Greetings Uli
  4. And again Back to 7.7

    Hi Jon, I will send the showfile after this post via mail. Yes I increase the submaster up to 30, the maximum the software allows, and the amount the XL-Version of Solution provides. So I think the system shoult manage this. As far a I remember the circuit board of my Solution also have the connectors for additional channel-faders an submasters. So I think the circuit boards are the same in. If I'm wrong, you are the one who knows it better. Increasing the amount available submasters doesn't include that I use all of the submasters in the same time. On yesterdays show under 7.7 I had in one situation 5 submaster running via DMX-In and 1 by the internal submasters. And switching the MFKs the redrawing of the LCDs went perhaps a little slower as normal, but not as slow as under with just 2 submasters via DMX-In. Best regards Uli
  5. Hi Forum, Hi Zero88-Crew, Hi Jon, I tried the new ZeroOS in my Solution an it was horrible. As described in last years Post (http://zero88.com/forum/topic/6787-solution-getting-slow-under-78/) the Solution is still slow by redrawing the LCD-Displays. Cause to Jon Post in http://zero88.com/forum/topic/7012-zeros-781/ i hoped that this is now solved. It still takes about 3 seconds between changing Bank or MFK Function and redrawing the LCD-Display with the new content. In a first Check, just the Desk with nothing more plugged in, it seemed fine. But while last Show (HipHop-Concert) it went slow again. But now I think I can isolate the Problem a little bit more, tomorrow next Show is sceduled and I wold change backt to 7.7 again, so that i can run the Show, Before I performed the Downgrade I tried the full Setup with the, an when I used the DMX-In the Problem appeared. For explanation the 10 Submasters of the Solution are much to less for me, So I patched some of the Preset-Fader to DMX-Universum4. This Output is merge with a small 12 Ch-Desk together and send It Back in the Solution via DMX-In. These Channels control additional Submasters (as Page Lock so they stay the same). And In the moment I activate one of these Submasters the redrawing slows down. Unfortunately there are Submasters like "Hazer-Pump" and "Hazer-Fan" on the additional Desk... Perhaps this might help you finding and solving the problem. And I like to have the switched funktion of the Clear-Key. ;-) By The way, als in 7.8 the USB-Keybord ist no working on any USB-Ports. Back on 7.7 it work fine again. Greetings Uli
  6. Solution getting slow under 7.8

    Jon Hole wrote in the Answer on Topic http://zero88.com/forum/topic/7012-zeros-781/ And we are waiting ... :-)
  7. ZerOS 7.8.1

    Hello! Today i recieved your Newsletter. There was written that there ist a Version 7.8.1 of ZerOS but on Download-Page there is still only 7.8.0 in the Version of March 2014. Is the Problem with the Delay in change on the Display-Labels fixed in the 7.8.1 Version? (http://zero88.com/forum/topic/6787-solution-getting-slow-under-78/) Where can I get the "new" Version. Greetings Uli
  8. Hi, I updated from ZerOS 7.7 to 7.8 last Saturday and the Desk worked slow when I changed a Palette on die MFKs or switched to "Special". It took about 3 sec after pressing the Key till the change on the Display-Labels started and about 1 sec to finish the operation. Also Swiching between Submaster-Banks took this time. Today i switched Back to 7.7 and so back to normal Timing. Again to 7.8 an again slow reaction. I also resetted the Desk an only loaded Setup an Palettes from an Showfile, or another old Showfile. Same slow speed. Finally back to 7.7 and back to normal Timing. And the USB-Keyboard (Asus UK-Layout) didn't worked also under 7.8 (under 7.7 it works fine). Any Ideas? Greetings Uli
  9. Update Problems

    Hi, I just updated my Solution to zeros 7.6 After Copying the Files from the USB-Stick to the Desk and updating the OS, it said the Co-Processor needed to be Updated als well, an I klicked OK, now thats more than an hour ago an in the Display sitll says "Updating Slave 1.. DO NOT SWITCH OFF SeeMonitor for details" but the Monitor geht no Signal .... I think it's a little bit to long for a Update an the Process ist stopped by an Error. What can I do? Rebbot againt with the Sick? Greetings Uli
  10. Hello, this is my first post here. My Name is Uli an I am a German Light Guy. Most Time I work in a small Live-Club. Unfortunally our old Desk crashed and I'm looking for a new one. Now I'm thinking about the Solution. But the Desk offers just 10 Submasters in one Moment. (The XL is al little to Big and the Price of the Solution ist a good level for the Club). Trying with the PhantomZerOS i found the possibilty to define more Submasters than 10 and assing for example Submaster 11 to 20 to a DMX-In Address. Now I have an strange Idea. I'dont really need 48 Channels for Dimmers. What might happen if I send in Wide Modus the Faders from the second Preset to Universe 4 and put a Cable from there back to the DMX-IN, so I could for example define Channel 25 to 36 to sumasters an 37 to 48 to Intensity for MovingLights or LED-Fixtures. ... What might happen? A little campfire in the new Desk? Or will it work? Greetings Uli (yeah just one hour annoying dubstep-party, finishing time is coming closer)