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  1. testing buttons

    I've been told my someone who attended one of your training days, that there is a facility to test the correct working of the desk functions, but he couldn't remember how to find it. Anyone know? PS I'v just sucessfully installed the latest OS - took 2 goes, though.
  2. updating

    My XL has been sitting doing nothing for about 18 months. It has OS 7.8.0. Can I update directly to the new version
  3. mover level won't store at zero

    Ah. It said S1/1. The fixture must have been selected when I programmed the Sub. Reprgrammed that and problem seems to have gone.
  4. mover level won't store at zero

    I can't see any button marked "Source".
  5. mover level won't store at zero

    Just back from theatre - I'll look when I go back.
  6. mover level won't store at zero

    Console says 30%
  7. I'm running a show with 6 movers - all Martin MACs - one, & only one, won't stay with intensity zero. It keeps coming up at 30%. makes blackouts rather difficult. any ideas?
  8. App For Windows Phone

    your website now says Windows Mobile devices are supported for Remote. But I can't find anything inn the Windows store
  9. weird fault?

    Bootload Firmware The software is as supplied from new - in November 2012. But have you missed my original comment," It works properly when I return to factory default". The fault just seemed to appear.
  10. weird fault?

    All the 'non-working' faders report as norrnal: new level 0XFF at Full , new level 0X00 when put back to zero. I have a mouse, so exiting Event Monitor is easy enough.
  11. weird fault?

    software is 7.4.0. Any ideas about the problem? or is it a real fault?
  12. weird fault?

    Not sure of software version since I'm at home. It's what came with the board in October 2012. I'll check when I go to the theatre in a couple of hours' time. I have a show in the board and safely loaded onto a memory stick. Can I be sure that this will still be valid if I carry out a software update. I'd hate to waste 2 days of programming.
  13. weird fault?

    I find I am unable to make use of 3 channels. Operating the faders does nothing, If I perform a "factory reset",. everything recovers, but later stops working again. Any ideas?
  14. I can't work out how to enable this. Audio doesn't seem to be one of the options on offer on the trigger menu, yet the manual states that is what the audio input is for. I can do it on my litlle Jester, so i'm suer it ought to be possible on a Solution.
  15. follow on cue

    I've been used (on another board) to have one cue automatically follow another after a suitable time delay. I can't find anything in the Solution manual which will allow me to do this now.