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  1. Hi All, Just an update on this issue. I have found the key lock part of the switch must have been changed by a previous owner and an incorrect one fitted with only 90deg of movement. I have dismantled the lock and by carefully modification have increased the movement to 180deg. This has allowed the switch part to operate correctly giving me 3 positions - Preset only, Program and Run. This has allowed access to the Super User mode which I was unable to do. I have had to rewire the switch slightly as the key lock part is not really the correct one. This has resulted in a displacement of 45deg clockwise. So the upshot is that I have 100% functionality if not 100% appearance.
  2. I have recently obtained a Sirius 24 which has had a DMX Output Kit added. The serial number is 0048000 95420003. My problem is I cannot enter 'Super User' mode. I am following the instructions in the manual - Presets only - Effects +/- then Program but nothing appears in the Memory No. display. I am wondering if there is an issue with the keyswitch. It would appear there should be 3 positions on this switch - 'Presets only', 'Program' and 'Run'. The switch I have only seems to have 2 positions which does not "point" to anything. On the top of the lock seems to be pointer. This points inbetween 'Program and 'Run' when the program light is on. When moving the switch to the right, i.e. pointing 45 deg to the right of the 'Run' position, so the program light goes out I assume is the 'Presets only' position if so where is the 'Run' position. Does anyone have any ideas what my issue is?