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  1. is there a way to.....

    copy the attributes on one fixture to another? (like the @copyfrom on the old strand desks) REMDIM? Thanks
  2. is there a way to.....

    Is the copy from function going to be added to the FLX given the software can achieve it?
  3. Next and Previous

    Is there a quick way to select next or previous when flashing through channels?
  4. Next and Previous

    great thanks.
  5. Colour label

    When you put selected fixtures in a palette colour it shows that name as the colour which is very helpful as we don't have a copy from function. Only trouble is that it doesn't show the name if a filter is selected. Is there any way this could be made to work?
  6. Colour label

    Hi, I'm using an FLX if that makes a difference. Cheers, Simon
  7. Colour label

    Hi Edward, It's not the palette copy that I'm after. What I used to be able to do on an old strand and I think the old Frog would be to copy all attributes from one fixture to another. The copy button on the frog IIRC used to have both channel and playback facility. The Strand desk had a copyfrom button so in syntax would be 58@copyfrom65enter and it would put 65 exactly as 58.
  8. is there a way to.....

    How do I use the REMDIM via the remote software as I mainly use it whilst focussing?
  9. lack of support

    Well that was fun. An hour and a half before the start of the final dress rehearsal I have to reboot the desk to reset the external monitor as it wasn't behaving itself. I save the show to USB before shutting down. When I re-boot it doesn't find the show and decides that it a fresh show with no patch. That's ok I thought I'll just load the show from the USB I have been regularly saving the show to but NO it has corrupted that as well and I am left with no show at all!! A quick look at the support page for Zero88 only to find no reference to out of hours support and no way of getting any help. I try Jon but he is on unavailable until 17th April and he suggests I contact the office if it's urgent!! Looking at both Strand and ETC they both have 24/7 support. I'm not saying my file could have been repaired but next time I specify a desk for anything this will have a huge impact on my decision.
  10. lack of support

    Hi Jon, Sorry to hear about your colleague. I did try the technical support number and it just rang and the night service via the main number wasn't any better. Simon
  11. is there a way to.....

    great thanks.
  12. FLX User Manual

    ok thanks
  13. FLX User Manual

    Do you know when the user manual will catch up with the software release?
  14. Hi, I have a Jester ML48 in as a temp desk as our Solution is having a service. I have got my LED fixtures set up but want to be able to put each colour onto a submaster so they can be mixed live but when in run mode the colours just snap change at 5%. I want them to work like the dimmer channel. How can I do this? Thanks
  15. using playbacks as submasters

    trying to get my head around the flx and not succeeding! I want to be able to record a scene onto one playback and a different scene onto another and be able to crossfade between them. Once I have recorded the scenes raising the fader does nothing until I press the button under it and it then snaps to the state. When I drop the fader it doesn't release the cue and so the colours are captured. The next fader does the same thing except it has no effect on the colours until I release the first playback and then that won't work. Can you tell me what might be wrong as this has to be possible otherwise the desk is a bit useless to a lot of our companies.
  16. using playbacks as submasters

    Hi Kevin, All working thank you. Even sorted my chases not triggering. I can only assume the raise lower were disabled as I had imported the show from a solution. Cheers, Simon
  17. using playbacks as submasters

    Ok thanks for that, will have a try next time I'm in. Cheers Simon
  18. Chases

    Hi Jon I have created a simple chase as per the instuctions and put the trigger and release on cues in the main stack. The chase works when triggered on playback 1 but not when running the main cue stack. File attached. Simon simple chase.isf
  19. lack of user manual

    I have started a new topic so it doesn't get lost in the pinned one. Can we have a date please for the release of the user manual that will actually refer to all the new elements with the new software? It is a lovely desk and I am enjoying using it but at the moment I wouldn't recommend people buying it as there is so little in the way of reference material to actually work out how to use it. You wouldn't except this when buying a new TV.
  20. Chases

    I've tried this and the chase works but isn't triggered by the macro in the main cue stack.
  21. lack of user manual

  22. what am I doing wrong?

    I'm running 15 RGBW pars and if I plot a state in cue stack 1 that has all in blue and then a state in stack 2 that all are red, the cue stacks don't recall the colour. If I select them and change colour so say green and then clear everything, the cue stacks just bring them up as green. Why is the colour not being recalled with the cue stack?
  23. what am I doing wrong?

    ok, so I have loaded your file Alan and it seems to be working in the way I expected although not the way I wanted as each playback pulls down the level of the previous one. If you have 2 faders at 60% say and bring one of them down, the colour remains fixed so it doesn't leave the single playback active. There sems to be an issue with the way I am plotting the playbacks as the ones in your file operate straight away whereas mine need the flash button to load them which is what is grabbing the colour. If I clear that playback I get control of yours again but not mine until I press the flash button again. So I'm back to my original question - 'What am I doing wrong?' I've attached the file with both types of playback recorded. Thanks Minack default v3.isf
  24. what am I doing wrong?

    Hi, All I did with the 3 PB's was start with a clear plot and select all the LED's via a group. I put the intensities at 100 as nothing seem to be stored if I didn't. So the first PB was with all LED's in red. I then pressed 'clear' twice and repeated the process with blue and green. When trying to play back the colour remained as the last selected even after pressing 'shift clear' This is all being done with primaries at the moment but I can't how it will be different if I plotted a day state and a night state on 2 separate playbacks. What I'm really trying to achieve is what was possible on the Solution as submasters before it went wrong!!
  25. what am I doing wrong?

    Hi Jon, file attached as requested. I'm sure it's something simple I'm doing wrong! Cheers, Simon rgb subs.isf