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  1. additional dmx out

    Why is this? I have a technical network set up which enables me to talk to both my lighting and sound desks but also lets me receive emails and calls as there is no mobile coverage on the edge of a cliff.
  2. additional dmx out

    getting better! Can this all be routed through a general network or does it have to be dedicated?
  3. additional dmx out

    Hi Edward, thanks for this it's exactly what I'm after. Can this be used from a laptop should the desk fail?
  4. additional dmx out

    Hi, is it possible to get a third dmx out from the desk to run a third universe? Thanks, Simon
  5. is there a way to.....

    Is the copy from function going to be added to the FLX given the software can achieve it?
  6. Next and Previous

    great thanks.
  7. Next and Previous

    Is there a quick way to select next or previous when flashing through channels?
  8. Colour label

    Hi, I'm using an FLX if that makes a difference. Cheers, Simon
  9. Colour label

    Hi Edward, It's not the palette copy that I'm after. What I used to be able to do on an old strand and I think the old Frog would be to copy all attributes from one fixture to another. The copy button on the frog IIRC used to have both channel and playback facility. The Strand desk had a copyfrom button so in syntax would be 58@copyfrom65enter and it would put 65 exactly as 58.
  10. Colour label

    When you put selected fixtures in a palette colour it shows that name as the colour which is very helpful as we don't have a copy from function. Only trouble is that it doesn't show the name if a filter is selected. Is there any way this could be made to work?
  11. is there a way to.....

    How do I use the REMDIM via the remote software as I mainly use it whilst focussing?
  12. lack of support

    Hi Jon, Sorry to hear about your colleague. I did try the technical support number and it just rang and the night service via the main number wasn't any better. Simon
  13. is there a way to.....

    great thanks.
  14. lack of support

    Well that was fun. An hour and a half before the start of the final dress rehearsal I have to reboot the desk to reset the external monitor as it wasn't behaving itself. I save the show to USB before shutting down. When I re-boot it doesn't find the show and decides that it a fresh show with no patch. That's ok I thought I'll just load the show from the USB I have been regularly saving the show to but NO it has corrupted that as well and I am left with no show at all!! A quick look at the support page for Zero88 only to find no reference to out of hours support and no way of getting any help. I try Jon but he is on unavailable until 17th April and he suggests I contact the office if it's urgent!! Looking at both Strand and ETC they both have 24/7 support. I'm not saying my file could have been repaired but next time I specify a desk for anything this will have a huge impact on my decision.
  15. is there a way to.....

    copy the attributes on one fixture to another? (like the @copyfrom on the old strand desks) REMDIM? Thanks