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  1. serial number

    Hi again, another topic.......my Fatfrog was stolen in a burglary a few weeks ago and obviously I am trying to locate it, I bought it 2nd hand on fleabay and it has been a diamond of a desk to work with and is sorely missed. Just wondering if a backup on a floppy disk I have would contain the desk serial number anywhere, as the school I bought the desk from don't have the number anywhere ? Maybe it would then be possible to email you guys with the SN to keep an eyeout for it if ever comes in for servicing ? cheers
  2. Universe B probs.......

    Hey kind people at Cooper Controls, I have a Bullfrog and am unable to get any output from Universe B. The patching is all fine, ie some on A and some on B, and the desk (output monitor) indicates that signal is being sent to both Universes, however there is no actual output from the B universe. I tested the generics on B by just swapping the dmx cables around A>B, B>A and when patched to A they work fine so it's not a lamp issue. Is there a way do activate/deactivate universe B, or am i just having a blonde moment and missing something.....? many thanks in advance