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  1. Desk channel flash buttons

    Update its any vibrations sets them off but note its not flashing the lights just the flash button light
  2. few of the channel flash buttons keep flashing on and off any know issues?
  3. submaster chase

    while building a chase there seem to be a problem where the first step lights get stored in the following steps. i have not come across the problem before on leap frog, wondering if its a know bug. i have tried different ways programming each step but seems to be still doing it.
  4. fixtures non dimming on subs

    yer i patched in in RGB dimmer (3channel) and also had to create a fixture type for our other fixture all palets set not to virtual dimmer
  5. hi all i have come across a strange problem with the leap frog, for some reason when programming LED lighting into subs they fade up but not down. so there on full till 5% which is trigger level and then off any suggestions why the desk has suddenly decided to do that. thank you