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  1. Releasing channels

    Sorry for the delay in replying. Thank you for your reply, I did work it out eventually, exhaustion, as so often happens meant that I wasn't thinking correctly. I was impressed by the desk, I had 28 fixtures varying from movers to geysers to a projector dowser. Once I got it all up and running it was a joy. Thanks again. Terry
  2. Releasing channels

    Just getting to grips with my first big show on the TLXtra after using an ML24. Apart from the buttons being in the 'wrong' place all is going reasonably well! I am learning this desk as I go but the problem I am having is that after controlling a dimmer channel using the key pad and wheel and then controlling the brightness of a fixture again with the wheel, the dimmer channel remains controlled as well. I can't work out how to make the controller forget the dimmer when I move to a fixture. Probably missing something obvious here, I usually am, but it would be a great help to know where I am going wrong.
  3. Fixture update fail.

    More. . . . As you would expect when trying to install the fixture update I went through all the possible fixes including resetting the desk and unplugging it and waiting for a minute or so before powering it up again. All to no avail, the error message recurred each time. This morning whilst waiting for the kettle to boil I powered up the desk and tried again. To my exasperation it worked. Same memory stick same everything. Frustrating isn't it?
  4. Fixture update fail.

    My ML24 is a nightmare when it comes to updating via USB. I am trying to update from V30 to V32. I am loading gft32_00.ift It starts loading and eventually it gets to 99% and then gives the error message 'Wrong File Type' My desk seems very picky about USB sticks and it is hard to find one it will talk to. I have tried reformatting them and being a Mac user I have tried using the DOS formatting available. Any thoughts please? Terry
  5. De - select all button for the future

    Thanks Edward/John.
  6. De - select all button for the future

    Er no it doesn't. Sorry to be so long in replying but I haven't been near the desk for a while. What I want to be able to do is release all selected fixtures in one go. Pressing the clear button has no effect on selected fixtures as far as I can see. Maybe I am missing something.
  7. When working with 3 pages of fixtures and programming under pressure it is not uncommon for a fixture to be left selected, or when needing to change the fixture selection, it would be great to have a 'deselect all'button. I was wondering if this could be engineered in a software update because it would have to use an existing button. (Or something on a keyboard?)
  8. Upgrade to v4.0 fail

    After reading around the forum I think I have found the answer to my own problem. It seems that during the upgrade the LCD settings were altered making the display disappear. Never had anything like that happen on an upgrade before.
  9. Upgrade to v4.0 fail

    I have just upgraded my ML24 to v4.0 but whilst the desk said the upgrade is successful I have lost all of my LCD displays - nothing just black. As I was about to set up the board for a show this is crisis time. Anybody help?
  10. Ml24 B Bank Both Leds On

    I seem to have got into a situation whereby when in playback mode, on the bottom 'B' bank both the 1-12 and 13-24 LEDS are lit. Consequently I cannot drive any lamps from 13-24 although the monitor shows they are in the memory. Also I cannot manually drive any of those lamps either. I would consider any speedy help you can give as I have a show tonight. Two people who have used the ML before have seen this but couldn't remember how to get out of it. I am running a rig of generics plus some LED PARs. I am hoping that I am not going to lose the whole show. I have tried resetting the desk and reloading the show but the problem is obviously being recorded as well.
  11. Does anyone have a profile for the Miltec MTC-Par144Q range? I have tried making a profile but I am doing something wrong somewhere and I am under a bit of pressure. Apparently Miltec say that they sent the details and Zero88 say they haven't received them and of course it is Plasa week. Add to it all I am an Apple Mac user trying to negotiate a PC. The profile I tried to make had an error message wrong file type but it had the .ift suffix. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Programming of scrollers

    I see this an old topic but I have just been battling this problem. Having operated quite a few larger, almost historic desks, in my life the inability to integrate the submasters into the program function was frustrating. (Submasters only work in playback?) I ended up giving each scroller it's own sub and then noting the levels for each sub for each colour in the scroll. Laborious at first. It was then easy to dial up the colour in each sub in program mode. I was pleasantly surprised to see how accurately the Jester reproduced each colour. As a bonus if a scroll went out of trim then it is an easy matter to correct its position manually. Maybe there are more elegant solutions and if so I would love to hear them.
  13. Update failure

    Jon the problem is now solved thanks to Keith. An updated version of the software has cured the LCD problems. The keyboard problem isn't quite solved yet but I have now updated the USB Host. (Super User, USB Host, Shift plus Enter) I have been attempting to use Mac keyboards which have extra USB outlets on them which suggests there is a hub in the keyboard. Waiting to borrow a keyboard without any frills to check this out. Thanks to everyone.
  14. Update failure

    I have recently upgraded our Jester 48 r2 to the latest software V3.4. Everything seems to work well except that the LCD display has become unstable and chases and flashes the text. The monitor output is unaffected as you might expect. Any ideas please? Also I have been under the impression that it is possible to connect a USB keyboard to this desk but I have so far been unable to get the desk to recognise it. Am I mistaken or is there something else I need to do?