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  1. Matrix/ Pixel mapping

    Hi there, since my question wasnt answered in another thread, I create my own now πŸ˜‰ Here my question: Is there still a matrix/ pixel mapping support planed in ZerOS and if yes: Whats the plan for release date so far? Id really need something like that. Thanks and best regards Sven
  2. Matrix/ Pixel mapping

    Good to hear. Thanks for the update! So I will look for an interim solution until release πŸ˜‰ Any suggestions from the community? Best regards Sven
  3. Matrix/ Pixel mapping

    Anyome? Anything?
  4. pixel mapping

    Hi, any update here? Best regards Sven
  5. iOS 11 ready?

    Hi, I'd like to ask whether Zero App is ready and I can install iOS 11 directly after release or will I have to wait (and if: How long πŸ˜‰) Best regards Sven
  6. iOS 11 ready?

    Great. Thanx!
  7. So, let's talk ZerOS & Smart Watches

    Hi there, how is the progress? I want to show off with my watch 😜 Best regards Sven
  8. pixel mapping

    Hi Jon, quite a bit time since your last update. Is there anything new you can tell about this toppic? Quite missing this feature πŸ˜‰ Best regards Sven
  9. So, let's talk ZerOS & Smart Watches

    You teased me that much, that I bought a watch yesterday 😜
  10. Issue with Z Remote on iOS 10

    Hi, I'm facing an issue with zremote under iOS 10 (iPhone 6). The bottom and top of the App are covered and not visibal anymore. Somone else with the same issue? Is there an update in the queue? Best regards Sven
  11. Issue with Z Remote on iOS 10

    Hi Jon, ZerOS was released now. Anything new regarding the Apps? Best regards Sven
  12. Hi there, I was not yet able to validate on desk actually, but at least on Phantom I realized following issue: It seams that it is not longer posibel to select a stack (I know there are no stacks anymore but playbacks) with "select stack" and then pressing the button below a playback fader. The only way I was able to select a stack is pressing "Select stack" ; <stacknumer> ; enter For busking a live Show, in my eyes this is way to complex, slow and error-prone. Mostly I need this for overwriting stack (-speed) Is there something I missed? Or does someone know a faster way to idividually overwrite Speeds in a busking-way? Thanks in advance and best regards Sven
  13. Issue with "select stack" on OrbXF with 7.9.1

    HI Jon, thak you for that hint. VIEW + Playback Button is working for me. Best regards Sven
  14. Issue with Z Remote on iOS 10

    TouchΓ© πŸ˜„
  15. Issue with Z Remote on iOS 10

    That's of course technically right. But if you lets say want to store on PB 304 (just to tell a number), you would need much patience, since there are only 6 playbacks per page. I'm not telling it isn't working and I don't request more for the next release. I only want to give you something to think about in direction of ergonomics for future development ;-) Best regards Sven
  16. Issue with Z Remote on iOS 10

    Hi Jon, I know about that concept. This was No 1 on my wishlist. That's why I already updated our ORB XF to 7.9.1 ;-) But what is the syntax to select the playback to store to (on the app)? When I'm on the desk, I just press the button below the playback, I want to store to. Best regards Sven
  17. Issue with Z Remote on iOS 10

    Hi Jon, I was able to do a first test with the app as well. First let me say, that my initial issue with covered sections on the screen is fixed with it. But 2 things I'd like to mention for maybe future improvements: - the "wheels" are hard to operate, since it seems you really have to "rotate" them on the screen, which is not very accurate on a smartphone size display. In my eyes it would be better to "click" them and while "clicked" move finger up and down. Of course this doesn't give you the ability to "endless" rotate, but I guess it would be more comfortable. - on the syntax screen, only the "basic" buttons are available. In the past release, there were some "page" buttons, were you were able to switch to the remaining buttons. Why this might be important? For example there is a "record" button, but none for "submaster" or "cue". So where will it record? ;-) keep on with the good work! Best regards Sven
  18. Issue with Z Remote on iOS 10

    Hi Jon, If you need another tester, feel free to invite me as well (since I opened this thread, I'm interested in help to get a solution ready as soon as posible πŸ˜‰) Best regards Sven
  19. MFF view closed

    Hi colleagues, I have an urgent issue on my ORB XF, and it seems I'm to stupid to find a solution: On accident I closed the MFF Window and now I can't find a way to reopen it :-( It there someone out there who could help me on this? Thank you and best regards Sven
  20. MFF view closed

    Hi Jon, thank you for that answer. SHIFT + UDK is working. Best regards Sven
  21. MFF view closed

    I was able to reproduce my issue with PhantomZerOS: With Version I'm able to reopen the MFF View by pressing shift an "Fader Function" With Version 7.9.1, this isn't working anymore. So It seems like I found a bug here. I will write an email to support as well
  22. Proposal: RIP Submasters?

    Hi Jon, I now wanted to download 7.9 (ARM), but the download is "temporarially removed" (for quite a while now). Can you tell me, when the download will be available again or how else I could receive 7.9? Thank you and best regards Sven
  23. Proposal: RIP Submasters?

    Ok. I'm looking forward to it 😊
  24. Proposal: RIP Submasters?

    Hi Jon, did you mean, that ZerOS 7.9 is now available for all platforms? Because I can't see 7.9 for x86 (specially for OrbXF) on your download site. Best regards Sven
  25. Backup scenario for ZerOS console

    Hi@all, today I*d like to ask a question regarding a backup scenario for ZerOS consoles (in this case OrbXF): I read, that you can unlock the Phantom software with a dongle to use phantom as a " tracking backup solution to the main desk.". But how would that look like? If my console would stop working, how could I continue my show with a PC or laptop? I guess only, if I use artnet with both, PC and console, right? Any idea or hint is welcome as usual ;-) Thank you and best regards Sven