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  1. Rack 6 Fan Problem

    I guess I can conclude from your reply that the fan is not temp-regulated but runs at max. speed all the time? If so, that would imply that the fans are both broken since the terminals on the pcb are at the should-be 12V I guess this is a case for warranty :-)
  2. Rack 6 Fan Problem

    Hi, I've got several new Rack 6 which have been in use for a few months now. 2 of these are now having the strange problem that they overheat even on moderate load. Upon inspecting the matter, it turns out that the cooling fan is no longer operating. As far as I can tell, it's not getting any current from the main pcb. Anybody got a clue? In the old Betapack days, you could find the schematics on the z88 homepage and solve problems yourself...