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  1. SW vs. strobo

    I was trying your library for superstrobe, problem is still there. But thanx for this library - I think it will be helpful in future. avolansky
  2. SW vs. strobo

    I control strobo via dimmers channel because in fix lib 13 I was not found equipment with one dimmer and one other feature (color, beamshape, position). If you know some suitable equipment for this strobo, please tell me and I try and I vill let you know. Thanks for interest of my problem. avolansky
  3. SW vs. strobo

    We have new strobope EUROLITE DMX superstrobe 2700 and desk Illusion 500 sw ML 1.7. I have some small problem. Strobo without DMX working properly. Strobo controled via desk working oddly. Strobo have 2 channels - flashrate and intensity, 13 flash/sec max. When I set both channels on 65% (for example) and I don't touch desk flashes are "in-periodically" - it's looking like very bad random. Intensity fluctuating also. One from some flashes missing ("strobo is tired and must rest") and later 2 flashes consecutive are faster ("strobo must reach what was skiped"). This error shows between 40 and 100 % of flashrate and all range of intensity. DIP SWITCH 50/60 Hz was OK - 50 Hz. Why am I writeing on illusionsupport?? I tryied control strobo via another desk (Pulsar Masterpiece 108) and strobo worked properly. Where is problem? 1) DMX version incompatibility (we know more version of DMX - 1986, 1990, 1998 standartised) or 2) Some "small thing" in setup? or 3) Small bug in SW? or 4) Strobo and Illusion desk are on different powers (different phases) - could it be source of problem? (but I think if DMX OUTs are isolated diffent powers cannot be problem) or 5) HTP versus LTP ? Problem is allways - in memories, on submasters, in program window. or 6) Another? Please can you help me? I don't know what I have to do. Sorry for my poor english avolansky
  4. How I can get colour channel on submaster?

    I need to change MORE parameters at the moment. In a moth we are going to have a concert and after that we are going to have a "discoparty". Can I get parameters on the wheels? I have 4 scaners. Can I get these scaners into GROUP 1 as follows : for example - on first wheel would be shutter, second colour, third gobos? When I press GROUP 1 it will appear window with all these specified parameters on one screen. I don't know way to do this. NOTE: dimmer and scan moves scenes will be on submasters. thanks for your answer.
  5. I have some questions about Illusion 500 (software ML 1.7) : 1) How can I obtain report (*.txt file with channels and their levels in memories) on ML version software? If I can't, why? or can I obtain it from *.isf file with some software on PC ? 2) I have programed memories with fixtures. If I change fixtures in desk setup will data (positions, beamshapes, colours... etc - values of DMX channels) stay unchanged or I wil have to program it again from beginning (I am aware of making small changes) ? Note: I want change ROBE SCAN 575XT (mode 2) for CLAYPAKY GOLDENSCAN 3 - 1200 HMI and for CLAYPAKY SUPERSCAN ZOOM - 1200 HMI. 3) When I am in EDIT LIVE (e.g. : scene 100) can I PREVIEW other scene (e.g. scene 50) ? NOTE: e.g.: I am making scene 101 editing by EDIT LIVE from scene 100. I have already changed position of scaners, color... etc and I need ROTO PRISM from scene 50 and I do not remember DMX value. Thanks for your answer...
  6. I have a problem. I work with Illusion 500 (ML 1.7). I need have colour channel of my fixtures on hand - online. I want change colours by submaster fader. For example: fixture colour channel have eight colour: WHITE, RED, YELLOW, PINK, GREEN, ORANGE, BLUE, MAGENTA. 100% divided by 8 is 12.5%. When I pull up fader to 12.5% I have RED, to 25% I have YELLOW, 37.5% I have PINk ... etc to MAGENTA. Analogous situation I need when I pull down fader (from MAGENTA to WHITE). I need continuously change colour by fader (by hand). Analogous situation I need with gobos, prism and others effects. How I have to do this effect?? Or what I have to change in settings of Illusion? Now, when I programing scene with fixtures, Brightness is on the fader and others effects (colour, gobos, prism....) are changing immediately (or in some time - given by desk setup). I need change colours by fader like brightness. thanks for answer.
  7. I can't load show saved in older version

    I used freshly formated diskette and upgrade was succesful in first try. My first question is always actual. thx.
  8. I have 2 problems about Illusion 500. 1) I downloaded softwares : 1 - Illusion rel. 7.5 - all desks and 2 - Illusion ML 1.7. I was upgrade my software (from ML 1.1) to 7.5. I have some shows saved on diskette in version ML 1.1. I insert diskette into floppy, load show, and nothing, diskete seems clear. My question is: Is it OK? (ML and not ML software problem?) 2) When I was trying upgrade software from release 7.5 to ML 1.7 - desk reads diskete and goes further in booting without upgrade. In second try of upgrade was the same situation. In next try I wanted "downgrade" back to ML 1.1 and desk wrote : System terminated. In next attemps to ML 1.1 the situation was the same as at upgrade to ML 1.7. What I have to do to upgrade to ML 1.7 in this situation (with operation software 7.5)? My hairs going to gray - today at 8:00 we are starting prepare new musical. PS: sorry for my poor english.