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  1. Channel Levels Innactive

    Thanks will download the new software and hope this works.
  2. Channel Levels Innactive

    Not that i can recall. We went through every part of the desk that could have caused the problem and we checked the topset. Also - surely by reseting to factory settings this would have been eliminated?
  3. Channel Levels Innactive

    When loading the desk (illusion 500) all the channels in the channel window appeared green with a small red dash. Any attempt to raise the levels could not be acheived (mouse and keyed). DMX patch was all correct and was then editted to default to try and resolve the problem - this did nothing. The desk was then completely reset and still the problem remained. Finally the 1.4 software release was loaded and this still did nothing. After a second attempt at reloading this software the problem finnally corrected itself and channel control was again active - woo hoo! Puzzled all of us. Any light on the matter would be great...... Dave