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  1. Gobo Editor

    After a few try's not still. I have a Fixtuere (JB Lighting P6), the pallets are also created in Create menu. Now I would like to add pictures of the gogos so that I get such a view I tried 100 but the beam is always pallets only the text: Gobi 1 / 1 Gobo Gobo 2/1 ezt ...
  2. Gobo Editor

    I figured out how to add gobos in the fixtures. Do the *. jpg files are stored on the desk or will they file in the *. ift?
  3. Mac version?

    Ok works great perfect. Is there a remote monitor tool for Ipad?
  4. Gobo Editor

    good question, it had also already tried using the editor, no results.
  5. Mac version?

    Good day, will ever exist Fixture Tools version and Zeros remote monitor in a Mac version? Already use the iPhone app with a Frog2 desk, great thing. Patrick