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  1. Macro/UDK Bug

    Found a bug (huzza) at least in Phantom (haven't had a chance to get my hands on the desk yet). If you use a macro to change the UDK page on an ORB(XF) and then try to save onto the new UDK page it will save onto the old page. This includes changing the page while actually programming the macro. Steps to reproduce: <RECORD> <MACRO> 1 <ENTER> [Keys/Commands] <PAGE> [uDK] 2 <ENTER> <MACRO> <CLEAR> <PAGE> [uDK] 1 <ENTER> <MACRO> 1 <RECORD> <UDK 1/1> <UDK 1/1> <MACRO> 1 <RECORD> <UDK 2/1>