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  1. Hi Simon,

    There's no reason the Master Playback fader needs to be down to play one of the other Playbacks (the old "submasters" are now also called "playbacks" in the new software).

    When you use multiple Playbacks at the same time, the intensities will mix "Highest Takes Precedence" (HTP) and the attributes (Position, Colour, Beamshape) will mix "Latest Takes Precedence" (LTP).


  2. 1 hour ago, ziglight said:

    I did not find such an editor on FLX nor on FLX-S, so I guess it does not exist... right ? (maybe I am wrong ?)

    It's available on FLX, but not FLX S. On FLX, we've combined the two windows into two tabs of the same window - open the Effects window (press Effect) and then open the "Waveform" tab long the top.

    1 hour ago, ziglight said:

    what happens when I import an existing show (created on Orb or Solution) with sophisticated effect-editions into FLX-S ???
    and what happens when I import an existing FLX-S show into the Phantom-OS (or hardware) of Solution, than edit my effects (for example on Sunstrips) and than re-import that edited Show into FLX-S again ?? will the "sophisticated effects"  run correctly ??

    This still works absolutely fine, in "both directions".

    1 hour ago, ziglight said:

    can we import "enhanced" effect-palletts created on Solution into FLX-S; and will they work, even if there is actually no possibility to crete those pallets on an FLX-S desk ??

    If you save them as an Effect Palette, and that palette is within range (48 palettes on FLX S24, 96 palettes on FLX S48) then yes - you can access them. All the functionality is available, just not the window (tab) itself.

    1 hour ago, ziglight said:

    on FLX-S there is an Output-Window (which shows only the fixture intensity output - not the DMX or attributs-output), but I did not found the DMX-Output-Window (which would allow to verify DMX-Outputs) - does such a Window exist ? or not ?

    On FLX and FLX S, DMX Output Window can be found in the Z button > System Information > DMX Outputs

  3. 22 hours ago, kgallen said:

    I want to know if Tyler has eye makeup on in Day 9 or if you had a team night out the day before :o

    Good detective skills... he had just flown back from Dubai overnight, and then driven from Heathrow! We forced him into the office with the promise of Chinese for lunch :lol:

  4. 5 hours ago, kgallen said:

    Day 10 - full marks to Edward for being able to say "with a ZerOS Show file you can load a whole show" without getting his tongue wrapped around the desk and just about getting away without saying "Zerosh"!!! :lol:

    I bet you all had a bash at that script and Edward was the only one who could say it and get through the whole "ZerOSh Showfile with ASHKII" without laughing his socks off!

    I think the ASCII video was perhaps the one that took the longest - a lot of content to squeeze into quite a small amount of time, and some confusing concepts (like Manufacture Specific Information layered on top of an ASCII showfile).

    The outtakes video is fun :-)

  5. 29 minutes ago, Tom_OrbXF said:

    Will I notice any massive differences between capture and WYSIWYG or are they fairly comparable?

    They're different, but both aiming to achieve the same end result. You can download a demo version of Capture (which works for 90 minutes and then needs to be restarted, and doesn't allow you to save) to see if you like it - http://www.capturesweden.com/


    What is CITP?

    CITP stands for "Controller Interface Transport Protocol" - it's an Ethernet based "protocol" that allows consoles to talk to visualisers etc. It was originally developed by the team at Capture, but it open for anyone to use. There is more info here: http://www.citp-protocol.org/


    My Set up will probably be one laptop running it all (Visualiser and Phantom) when travelling, 2 separate machines one running Phantom, one the visualiser when at home, then console and visualiser in the venue (If it is easy enough to interchange between those operation modes)

    Yes, that should be easy. Phantom ZerOS uses networks setup through Windows, so to change IP addresses etc, you do this through Windows, and then just select the IP address in Phantom. If using the same laptop, you can choose the IP address.


  6. Thanks Kevin.

    You can tell we're not sound guys, can't you! They were all filmed together, and have been uploaded and scheduled up until Christmas (along with an outtakes video for Boxing Day!), so we can't change the sound, but we've definitely learnt ready for next time (although never again are we filming, editing and uploading 26 videos in one month!!!).