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  1. Hi leejlight,

    Do you have anything else plugged into the USB ports of Leap Frog 48?

    For example, a keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, usb memory stick etc?

    Try unplugging all USB devices (in fact, maybe unplug everything apart from power and VGA!) and see if the message continues to display.

  2. Hi Martin,

    ZerOS Monitor acts as a wireless monitor for any ZerOS console - therefor to add this feature, we would need to add it into ZerOS, not into the app.

    Out of interest, do you need to see the cue list just to see which cue you're currently in, or more than that? I'm just wondering if it would be better to add the cue list intoZerOS Remote, rather than controls to ZerOS Monitor?


  3. 1 hour ago, Dangi said:

    We would like to run cues with crossfade, not with the "Go" button. I suppose that "Manual Fader 2 way" mode is the way 

    1 hour ago, Dangi said:

    If I switch to this mode, I can't manually start cues with for example "Go + 5" anymore 

    Correct - if you choose to use the fader to manually crossfade, rather than the GO button and the programmed times, the GO button stops working. 

    1 hour ago, Dangi said:

    Is there a workaround or better way which I haven't found yet? 

    You can select the "Next" cue (Yellow line) using a mouse or touchscreen, and then the fader will fade to that cue

  4. On 5/30/2018 at 4:18 PM, kgallen said:

    (Now you have FLX [excellent!], should we not move over to the FLX part of the Forum?]


    On 5/30/2018 at 4:22 PM, van den abbeele Eric said:

    OK no problem I will go on FLX forum...

    Done 🙂

  5. 2 hours ago, van den abbeele Eric said:

    (I think that I like your way of life... when we see you in the car for the launch "We feel a t-shirt 30km into space, launched by FLX S" it's really top!)

    Thank you!

    2 hours ago, van den abbeele Eric said:

    1 /
    Question about the wings ... You talk about HUB powered ... A powered hub is needed from how many wings?
    Because there if I find an interesting price I will order a FLX + 1 wings. Do I have to predict a HUB?

    FLX has 5 USB ports, and ZerOS Wings can be plugged directly into any of these. If you want to plug multiple ZerOS Wings into a single USB port (either to use 6 ZerOS Wings, or because you're using the USB ports for other things) these must go through a USB hub, which must be powered (ZerOS Wings are powered via USB, not via an external power supply). 

    2 hours ago, van den abbeele Eric said:

    2 /
    Side keyboard computer we have in France not the "QWERTY" but "AZERTY" ... Compatible with the FLX? Should it feed the keyboard on the HUB powered?

    A USB keyboard can plug straight into the console, using the same rules as above. Currently FLX only supports QWERTY keyboards. We've had requests to add support for AZERTY, and I've added your request to our log (reference "ZOS-1955").

    2 hours ago, van den abbeele Eric said:

    5 / VIDEO 1
    I think that at the level of use you should consider a video installation. This is the first demarage of the FLX for someone who will discover this new universe.
    So the alumer, connect the DMX and make the manipulations that go to the patch until the projector turns on ... Then go towards the direction of a first cue.
    Because in general when we discover a product for the first time, it is always wanting to miss no step and always when we want to turn on the first projector, and although it does not work ... Return to the manual, realize that like any record, it still lacks information and that we find ourselves stuck ...
    And a video is often more meaningful than a user guide ...
    And some brands make a video start is what is missing ...
    Then always think that you know your products and their logic. But a person who discovers the universe of a brand and an OS, it's always questions and the fear of making mistakes, or using videos on the basics ...

    There are FLX training videos available here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXZ_FRh4YdsV_xWV1WlKzgwcTt5h5KNsA


    2 hours ago, van den abbeele Eric said:

    6 / VIDEO 2
    Then if indeed I enter the world of the FLX and it meets all expectations, I could as I had said, in a previous discussion, make a tutorial in French ... (For the France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Quebec, and all countries that are French-speaking with English subtitles for other countries ...

    I have a YouTube channel on DIY that has already almost 2 million views ... And I just launched a new channel on the dance ... So I can diffuse in worries things ...
    And so that your brand can come to support small theaters that can not afford to buy GrandMA 1, 2 or 3 ...

    Thanks - we could definitely look at supporting you in this. Once you've got your FLX and become familiar with it we can discuss further!

    2 hours ago, van den abbeele Eric said:

    Thank you. Certainly, more questions will come.

    No problem - keep them coming!

  6. Hi Lex,

    On the Master Playback, record your base cues like normal. Then:

    • On the cue you want the chase to start click "Settings" > "Macros" > "Trigger Cue Stacks" and select the Playback.
    • On the cue you want the chase to finish click "Settings" > "Macros" > "Release Cue Stacks" and select the Playback

    The chase will fade in with the UP time of the first cue, and the chase will fade out with the DOWN time of the second cue.

  7. 13 hours ago, van den abbeele Eric said:

    1 /
    Being in a theater scene configuration.
    I will be with designers on the ground, 4 to 6 PAR LEDs on each side.

    Designers at the height of man (Lateraux) between 8 to 12 PAR LED on each side behind the scenes.

    Then on the harrows:
    24 to 36 PAR LED
    Some automatics (5 to 10 lyres)

    The face with some PCs (Dimmers)

    I'm going to do groups by families and places on stage ... But to be able to access several projectors, is there a quick way to get there? Example on 5 projector on the floor I want to select 1, 3 and 5 on one side and 2 and 4 on the other?

    You can create groups that do this. You can also "Create Auto Groups" which will automatically create some groups. You'll get an "All", "Odds", "Evens", "First Half" and "Second Half" group for each type of fixture you have patched.

    13 hours ago, van den abbeele Eric said:

    2 /
    If I understand the side of the fader I can either have playback, or have control on some projectors ... So if I have 24 fader wings and more, I can on the FLX have for example the playbacks and on the wings outside access to the porjectors for their controls?

    Exactly, yes.

    13 hours ago, van den abbeele Eric said:

    3 /
    Can I on the 24 faders decide which fader controls which channel or fixture of a projector?

    When set to "Channels", each fader controls the intensity of the fixture assigned to the respective channel number. You can choose the Channel Number in the "Add Fixtures" screen, or change it in the "Fixture Schedule" screen - both of these are within SETUP. The Channel Number is also the number you use when controlling fixtures using syntax. So if a Moving Light is Channel 20, you could turn it on either by raising Fader 20 to the top, or by typing "20 @ 100 ENTER" (or the shortcut "20 @@")

    13 hours ago, van den abbeele Eric said:

    4 /
    If I am in Theater mode and playback with the double button, can I always have faders between playback and chanels / fixture?

    Each set of 24 faders can be set as "Channels" or "Playbacks" at any time - this doesn't affect the "Master Playback"

    13 hours ago, van den abbeele Eric said:

    5 /
    I can add 5 Wings Fader giving a total of 144 faders ...?

    Yes, you can add up to 6 ZerOS Wings (via a powered USB hub) giving you 168 faders.


    13 hours ago, van den abbeele Eric said:

    6 /
    Do you have FLX users in France ... Towards the Great East ... (Metz, Strasbourg, Thionville, Nancy?

    Yes - it's probably best to discuss with our French distributor who they've sold FLX to

    13 hours ago, van den abbeele Eric said:

    7 /
    to patch in DMX the FLX with projectors and dimmers, is there a particular order?

    No, whatever order you wish.

    13 hours ago, van den abbeele Eric said:

    8 /
    DMX patch in one of the places where I go they have about 350 dimmers. But all according to the shows are not used. Then I leave free DMX numbers (unused dimmer ...)

    That's absolutely fine.

    13 hours ago, van den abbeele Eric said:

    9 /
    On the side of connected projectors is there a maximum? (in the limit of 2 DMX universes and 2 Art Net universes)
    Because as mentioned above I can have several tens of projectors on a scene ... And I must be able to find me easily ...

    FLX, as standard, has 4 Universes. That's 2048 DMX channels. There are no other limitations within that. You can also upgrade FLX up to 8 Universes (up to 4096 channels). ALL of these universes can be output on Art-Net or sACN. Two of those Universes can be output directly on DMX (that might be Universes 1 & 2, or it might be Universes 2 & 4, or it might be that you set them both to Universe 1).

  8. 1 hour ago, francocampo said:

    the playbacks when operated commanded only dimmer no pan or tilt and no beamshape and second cue not funcion completly

    the led on the flash button when the playback is operated is not lit steady but flashes

    This suggests the cue on the Playback was still fading - did you have a very long fade time which made it look like the Position and Beamshape were not working, but actually they were just fading very slowly?

  9. Hi Eric,

    No, there are currently no plans to create a button wing for FLX S, and the Enttec shortcut wings aren't currently supported.

    Remember you can use Palettes together with Programme Time for live control, which can reduce your dependency on Playbacks and UDKs.


  10. Hi Martin,

    The way ZerOS displays Point Cues is relatively standard across the industry. Point Cues are primarily designed as a method of adding in “extra” cues, and so usually a single decimal place is ample.


  11. 20 hours ago, kgallen said:

    (1) Use touch screen for group copy target.
    Current: (syntax) GROUP n <COPY to> GROUP m
    Enh: GROUP n <COPY to> <touch group>

    Added your comments to ZOS-6935 which is similar

    20 hours ago, kgallen said:

    (2) Add group name to any messages talking about the group. This is because you get a blank screen with only this message, so have to think "Is group 16 really my blinders?"
    Current: DELETE GROUP n (or touch) -> "Would you like to delete Group n"
    Enh: "Would you like to delete Group n "<group name>"

    Added as ZOS-8669

    20 hours ago, kgallen said:

    (3) Being able to "drag and drop" groups to rearrange them on the screen? (Not sure how viable this is, currently I use COPY then DELETE, but this is a bit slow. It would be ok to have to click a button at the top to enable "Rearrange" if a live drag-and-drop rearrange is considered too risky.
    (3a) Maybe this could be allowed for palettes too?

    Added an additional request for this on ZOS-5058

  12. However, if you  mean add multiple DMX addresses to a single Channel so multiple fixtures are controlled from a single channel and "copy each other" - to do this, go into SETUP > Fixture Schedule, select the DMX Address of the fixture you wish to add a second address for, tap the address, type in the new address and click "Add as additional address".


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