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  1. 1 hour ago, Guest Giglight said:

    I have tried on several occasions to attend one of the training/demo days via your email addresses on the site but never seem to get any reply? Can you confirm which address I should be using.

    The email address is training@zero88.com - sorry you've not been receiving a reply, I've just checked the inbox and spam folder and there are no emails from you in there.

    Please try again, and CC my email address in to the message too (jonhole@eaton.com). Please post here once you've done that, so we can specifically check.

  2. Zero 88 are pleased to announce the launch of ZerOS version 7.9.4 software - a new software release for ORB Series, Solution Series, FLX & FLXS, SCD Server (& Pro) and Leap Frog 48 & 96.

    More information can be found at zero88.com/software/zeros

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at the office. Our contact details are:

    email: support@zero88.com
    phone: 01633 838088

    Best Regards,

  3. Hi Shanebyrne96,

    What version of software are you running?

    Why are you sure it's not a battery issue? It sounds exactly like that based upon your description. If you can recreate loosing cues and edits, please can you try entering and leaving SETUP just before turning off the console - do you still loose any cues?


  4. 13 minutes ago, ZeuS said:

    But i have to change the minimal and maximal value often

    Create a chase as mentioned above, but also set the Playback to "Inhibit". This means, a step at 80%, will actually inhibit the channel by 80% of it's current value. A step at 60% will actually inhibit the channel by 60% of it's current value, and so on.

    That Playback can be triggered (either as-and-when you need it, or just triggered in the first cue of the show and left triggered). You can then record the intensity like normal into your cues, and the fixture will randomly flicker

  5. Hi Sean,

    ZerOS 7.9.4 will probably be released next week, so you may want to delay updating.

    The Solution Manual, plus the release notes of each software release since the manual (currently just 7.9.3) is exactly what you need.


  6. Unfortunately, Iiyama (who produce these screens) appear to have two different drivers but the screens report themselves back identically.

    In a normal consumer's situation this isn't a problem - the correct driver is included within the box, they install it on their PC and it works.

    However, when we have to store all the drivers, if monitors requiring different drivers don't identify themselves uniquely, we don't know which is which... so we've had to include a manual method of switching between the drivers.

  7. 23 hours ago, grusus said:

    removing it from setup with no option to manualy enter values (like was before) is in my opinion a step backward. 

    Hi grusus, the "old" method (entering values within Setup) had many many limitations:

    1. Values had to be entered "blind". This meant you generally had to write down all the values you wanted, enter SETUP and then type them all in.
    2. Values had to be updated one-by-one, or use the same value for every fixture - nothing inbetween.
    3. Values were stored as percentages only. So a fixture with 540 degree pan just moved to the nearest 5.4 degrees - not very useful!
    4. There were no "details" (for Gobo, Shutter etc), just numerical values
    5. There were no Palette References, so when touring it was difficult and time consuming to update values

    The new method solves all these problems - allowing you to use "normal" programming techniques (groups, encoders, referencing palettes, parameter details etc), update the values live to ensure they're correct, and the console stores these values as 16bit parameters resulting in the outcome being much more useful and accurate.

    18 hours ago, grusus said:

    From 2 years it is getting worse after each update.

    I'm sorry to hear you think this - we've had a lot of positive response to our software updates recently, especially from Solution users. Over the last 13 months alone, the Solution has benefited from:

    1. Multiple Playbacks, significantly improving the functionality and flexibility of the console
    2. New "syntax" order, bringing Solution in line with most other consoles
    3. Updated "Special" MFK layout, making many tools within this menu much quicker and simpler to use
    4. Improved Remote Apps, including adding Syntax control
    5. Global Tap Tempos
    6. SETUP+INSERT brings features such as Highlight, RemDim and Park which Solution never previously had
    7. Improved ASCII importing, including from ETC showfiles
    8. "Auto-select" option on Channel Faders
    9. Automatic Effect Offset options 
    10. Remote Device Management
    11. New Fixture Schedule layout allows you to manage fixtures much more quickly and simply
    12. New Add Fixtures process with many new functions including Universe Preview and Patch Offset
    13. Expanded CITP functionality
    14. Over 100 other enhancements and bug fixes

  8. 18 hours ago, kgallen said:

    I'll have a think if there is any move on dark impact but I don't think so with a simple rotator.

    If you take the intensity to 0% there could be, but if you leave it at full you should be fine.

  9. Yes, that's correct.

    The rules are along the lines of "snapshot" (record absolutely everything) except for:

    • Ignore fixtures at 0%
    • Ignore parameters which are the same as the previous cue (or default if you're recording the first cue)

    This is helpful, as it avoids any "blocked" values being recorded (in tracking mode, blocked values are values which are recorded even though they are identical as the previous cue, and so don't need to be stored again).

  10. 17 hours ago, BigDick said:

    When did this change?

    It was introduced with FLX two years ago, and then transitioned over to the rest of the ZerOS range last year.

    17 hours ago, BigDick said:

    Who do I need to thank!?

    Ultimately, you can probably trace it back to my next door neighbor who convinced me to purchase a Mac all the way back in 2005!! :lol:

  11. Hi Emmanuel,

    As Kevin says, record all your cues onto a single Playback. Press the Play/Pause icon top left and you'll see those cues. You can select any of the cells and adjust the cue's fade time using the encoder wheel. This allows you just to press the GO button, and get smooth, recreatable fades.

    However, if you want to do this manually, just hold SETUP, press the GO button, and then change "Fader Function" to "Manual Fade (2 ways)". I've just tested this and it behaves how you want. I believe the issue Kevin's describing is that if you switch back to HTP Master, you'll need to release the playback first (Kevin, is that correct?). To release the Playback (release="turn off"), hold down the CLEAR button, and press the GO button.

  12. Hi, the Preset Master Faders are still used, but only when the console isn't in "Wide Mode". It's not possible to change their functionality.

    There's no "exclusive" option for Playbacks on the Leapfrog 48s, but you can use the "Inhibit" function.

    Record the Haze machine at full output onto a Playback, go to the Playback settings and enable "Inhibit". This allows you to record the Haze machine at full into all your cues, but have a dedicated "Master" for the Haze machine... which would give you a similar result as you're looking for, just in a different way.