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  1. Jon Hole


    Hi Dani, I'm at PLASA this week, but if you can email me on the address in my signature I will sort this out when I get back! Many Thanks
  2. Jon Hole

    I lost my "Smart Tag"

    Smart Tag is only available when in Tracking Mode. When in None-Tracking Mode you will not see the Smart Tag button. However, I am not sure why a couple of your faders would not be working. Try doing a full reset - go to Setup, Clear Options, then hold down SHIFT whilst pressing Reset Desk.
  3. Jon Hole

    submasters wont record

    Are you clearing your programmer after saving the submaster? If the LED on the 'clear' button is lit, it means that you have data in your programmer, which will overrule everything else, such as submasters. I would guess the problem is that you pulled all the faders down to '0', hence putting their value as '0' in the programmer. If this is the case, press 'clear', the LED will go out, and your submaster should work as expected.
  4. Jon Hole

    iphone remote

    Hi Adam, If you could list all the settings on the 'remote' tab on the Leap Frog, such as IP address etc we can hopefully answer your question, however here are a couple quick possibilities: The first three 'points' of the IP address have to be the same on the iPhone and the Desk (ie 192.168.1.x for example). Also, make sure 'x' is different on the iPhone, the router and the desk. Are you using a 'crossover' or 'straight' ethernet cable? Are you running the latest software version of ZerOS on the desk? You should be running 5.4 which is available here.
  5. Jon Hole


    Could you do the same thing please Jean-Christophe? I never got a reply from lxkev, so am still unsure of what the problem could be...
  6. Jon Hole

    Moving head intensity preset fader

    Hi Guys, Just an update to this - if you need to keep access to the flash buttons, but don't mind using a key combination to select the fixtures, you can keep the flash on, and use SHIFT + Flash Buttons to select. Cheers
  7. Jon Hole

    USB Memory Stcik

    Strange. USB memory sticks are an odd one - we always have so much of a problem with them, mainly because there are just so many out there... mostly made on the cheap.
  8. Jon Hole

    USB Memory Stcik

    There's no reason the memory sticks should have to be formatted in a certain way, so I'm not sure why some memory sticks run faster than others. You will probably find the size of the memory stick will effect it's running speed - larger capacity sticks taking longer to 'load'
  9. Jon Hole

    USB Memory Stcik

    Hi Tom, Probably nothing to worry about. Is it a new desk? There have been two versions of the hardware, Mk1 and Mk2. Mk1 has older, slower processors etc so there is a significant delay. Mk2 still isn't instant but is much improved. You can tell which hardware you have by going into super user. The LCD display will display R2 if you are using Mk2 hardware. Hope this helps?
  10. Jon Hole

    keyboard issues

    It's not possible to type syntax such as that directly into the command line. The keyboard is an accessory to make functions such as naming cues a lot easier. Using the keyboard as you describe would take a very long time to complete functions that are very quick when using the front panel. The front panel is also a lot more accurate, as the desk knows what is coming and what is and isn't allowed at each point throughout the command line.
  11. Jon Hole

    upgrade 2.0 to 3.0

    Hi Peeter, It sure is. First, take a backup to USB. This is done through super user, and is explained on page 45 of the manual, available here: http://common.zero88.com/public/files/7340600_JesterML_Manual_3_0.pdf Then, download the software from here onto a USB stick: http://support.zero88.com/main/en/product/89 There are instructions on how to do this here: http://common.zero88.com/public/files/JesterSoftwareUpdateInstructionsIssue3.pdf Once you have done this, you can reload your show from the original USB stick, also through super user. Hope this helps,
  12. Jon Hole

    wifi and iphone

    Hi Andrew, You will need to connect the desk via an ethernet router to the network. However, I would suggest setting up a separate network for the console for security and reliability. Any wireless DCHP router will work, and these can be picked up for around £30 from your local computer store - probably less. These just plug straight into the back of your console with the ethernet cable usually provided with the router. I hope this helps?
  13. Jon Hole

    Effects on Submasters

    Hi Torsten, Sorry - It's not yet possible to split effects across Submasters in ZerOS.
  14. Jon Hole

    Saving and loading

    No problems, glad we were able to help!
  15. Jon Hole

    keyboard issues

    Hi Russ, What are you trying to type into the command line? The command line will only let allowed syntax to be typed - which is via the front panel, or a number pad for channel numbers, cue times etc.
  16. Jon Hole

    Saving and loading

    When you first open Phantom Jester, click settings, and then Browse to your USB as the 'local' drive. You'll probably find at the moment it is saving, and trying to open, files on your local hard drive instead of the USB. As the Jester doesn't have support for multiple directories at the same time, you have to change it here first. Hope this helps.
  17. Jon Hole

    Zero 88 maintenance

    Hi Boazdexter, Your first port of call should be the dealer who supplied you the equipment. If this is not possible, or you are unsure who this was, email or PM me your location and we'll suggest your nearest Zero 88 dealer who should be able to help you. Alternatively, you can arrange to send it to us, and we will assess the equipment and let you know if it's warrantable or how much the maintenance will cost. All our equipment ships with a 3 year warranty. The first two years covers parts and labour, the third year covers just parts. I hope this all helps.
  18. Jon Hole

    Moving head intensity preset fader

    Hi Philzb, You need to press 'special', and then 'flash mode' (3rd MFK along the top) and choose 'Off / Select'. You can then use the flash buttons to select the fixtures patched on the channel faders. I hope this helps,
  19. Jon Hole

    Fixture editor in desk

    This has been recorded in our database as issue ZOS-2874. (And has been since Kresten suggested it, sorry you weren't told). Customer feedback suggests that this is not a feature that the vast majority of our users would use, so it's not on the top of our 'wish list' - but it is on there!
  20. Jon Hole


    Hi lxkev, Could you send me a copy of the file, and if possible a screenshot of the macro screen before you save it? Hopefully we can sort it out for you, and let you know what the problem is! My email address is in my signature. Cheers
  21. Jon Hole

    fat frog

    Our fixture library has a 'conventionals' section which includes a single dimmer. This should do what you want. If it's not on your desk already, you will have to use our Common Fixture Manager to load it onto your desk. The software can be found here: http://support.zero88.com/main/en/download/13 And instructions here: http://support.zero88.com/main/en/download/302 I hope this helps
  22. Jon Hole

    5.4.0 Total Reset

    Thanks Marc, reply sent.
  23. Jon Hole

    New to Illusion

    Hi Dave, All downloads relating to the Illusion 500 are available from this page. I don't think we have any more official documents on this desk. Cheers
  24. Jon Hole

    how to memory frome submaster

    Hi Eji, To record everything as you see it on stage (ie... including submasters) you need to ensure that Smart Tag is 'on'. On the Leap Frog, this is on one of the MultiFunction Buttons when you press 'Special'. Hope this helps,
  25. Jon Hole

    Jester ML Flash Button Modes

    Although I see why this would be a useful feature, I also see several 'problems' it could bring. I think several users could start getting confused as to what button is doing what, and hence making mistakes etc. How does a user who didn't program the console know how each button is set up to function? Should a solo channel take out latched channels or leave them in? The Jester is designed to be a very simple, visual desk. I think adding levels of complexity in like this should be left to our higher end consoles. A not-great work around, if you need something to imitate 'latching', would be to press and hold the flash button while pushing the fader up. I hope this helps explain both points of view!

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