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  1. 5.4.0 Total Reset

    Hi Marc, Sorry you've been having problems. I can't find any other reports of this problem on our systems. If you create a new show, and turn off / on the desk, do you loose that new show? Cheers,
  2. Changing Chase Speed

    Sorry Chris - can I just confirm exactly what you want to do so I don't give you the wrong info?! You have a chase at 80 BPM (beats per minute). You then want to press 'GO' (Cue 2), and for that chase to slow down to 20BMP, but to continue 'uninterrupted'? Cheers,
  3. Flash Zero function

    Thanks for your suggestion MaryOhNet, I have saved this in our database, under issue ID ZOS-3093, for consideration in a future software update. Many Thanks
  4. Problem with recording ArchiLed

    Hi TataGoc, There is no way to switch the DMX channels around, this is hard coded onto the Lighting Fixture itself. However, the manual is showing that the strobe channel will stay 'open' whilst on 0 or 1 (out of 255), so I suggest you move up the strobe channel just slightly so it's showing '1' instead of being completely down, and hopefully this should solve your problem? Please let me know if this doesn't, and we'll work out another method of attack! Many Thanks
  5. remote

    Hi Ivan, Sorry about the problems - as Pete says above, this will be fixed in the next release of ZerOS. For now, if you need the fix before then, please contact Pete for the latest Beta release. Many Thanks
  6. remote

    Hi Guys, What version of software are you running on your desk? Please ensure it is version 5.4 of ZeroOS which is downloadable here Is your problem with the iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad remote, or the Windows Mobile version? Cheers,
  7. What's happening with the TL?

    At present we don’t have a timescale for the next release of our Jester TL / Xtra software, but keep checking back as we will post news here once we have any information. We’ve logged your ideas into our database and we regularly evaluate any future ideas, which will include your feedback. Cheers
  8. memory funnies

    Hi Danny, Did you ever solve this problem? Sounds like a possible key got stuck when you opened up the board? Cheers
  9. DMX Prob Data Error

    Hi kbonnici, You need to use a chilli rs232 node. The sequence runs as follow: pc > rs 232 node > rj 12 cable > dimmer rj 12 connection. Without the node the network traffic will collide giving the error messages. Part code 01-211-00 chilli RS 232 link. List cost £255. You can purchase this via your local Zero88 dealer. Hope this helps?
  10. What's happening with the TL?

    Hi karleaton, We have now stopped manufacturing the original Jester TL in favour of the more popular Jester TL Xtra, which gives you the additional 10 submasters. However, we still support the TL, continue to provide updates for it, and have a limited number in stock. Cheers
  11. Wish list

    Hi Mason, Thanks for your feedback. I've added this to the list for consideration in a future software release - ZOS-issue number ZOS-3087. Why not? Also added! ZOS-3088 Added to the bug list as High Priority. ZOS-3089. Which model PDA are you using, and which version of ZerOS are you running on the desk? (Set Up > Files > Desk Information > Software Version). Many Thanks,
  12. Hi Lukimoe, I've just tried overwriting a colour pallets on a Jester ML 24 and I can do this without the stage going dark. Maybe you can let me know the exact key combinations you are using, and at what point you have the problem? Sorry for the inconvenience, Jon
  13. Effects Window

    Hi Bilderbuch, When I go back to the Demo room on Monday I will try and re-create this and log it on our report system - thank's for pointing this out. Ahh you found the hidden window! Yes, this is carried through from the Frog 2 and ORB, and is of little use on the LeapFrog. Many Thanks, and I'll get back with more information next week!
  14. Palettes on the Jester are designed to be created before a show or gig, so they are ready to be applied during programming or whilst live operating the desk. A work around might be to apply the palette to your fixtures, make any changes and then instead of editing the palette, simply overwrite it. Hope this helps? Many Thanks
  15. Hi Lukimoe, Sorry for not getting back quicker. It's not possible to group fixtures on the range of Jester ML desks. When editing a palette, the desk reporduces exactly what is stored in that palette, which is only colour / beam / possition information. When editing a palette, you can then turn on these fixtures, without the brightness being stored in the palette. Hope this helps, Cheers Jon
  16. Upgrade DMX to Betaback 6 plus

    Hi 'jw-lighting', We also do our own demux which can be found here: http://www.zero88.com/en/products/3/50 However, these are a seperate rack mountable product, and can not be included into the Betapacks. Cheers Jon
  17. only dimmers on submaster

    Hi Tomas, After recording your memories, please make sure you clear the programmer (pressing clear a couple times) before you program your submasters. Any attributes (pan, tilt, colour, etc) that are 'tagged' (the screen above the wheel is inverted when an attribute is tagged), will get recorded into a submaster. I would guess that the moving lights are still 'tagged' from when you recorded your memories, so clearing the programmer will fix this for you. Let me know if this doesn't work! Cheers, Jon
  18. Jester ML Offline Editiing with Visualization

    It is possible to output Phantom ZerOS straight into Light Converse or Wysiwyg, however you can not import ZerOS files onto the Jester or vice verser. If there's any more information you'd like, just let me know. Cheers. Jon
  19. Jester ML Offline Editiing with Visualization

    Hi Lukas, I'm afraid our 'Phantom Jester' off-line editing software does not allow you to connect to 3D Visualization. Sorry for any inconvenience, Jon
  20. iPhone APP

    Hi Matt, Don't worry - your eyes aren't missing anything! There is no clear button available on the ZerOS Remote for the LeapFrog 48 + 96. This is a feature only available on the Frog2 and ORB consoles, to support their keypad entry syntax's. Cheers, Jon
  21. Monitor

    The default monitor output of the TL and TL Extra is a resolution of 640 x 400 @ 70Hz. However, it is possible to change this to 640 x 480 @ 60Hz (4:3) under 'Displays setup' whilst in SETUP mode (shift+mode together). Hope this helps!
  22. Hi Gemini, Thanks for your post, sorry no one has got back to you sooner. We are investigating this, and hopefully will get back to you soon with a solution! Many Thanks, Jon