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  1. Jon Hole

    LeapFrog (48) ZerOS 6 and View/Desktop

    In a future update, we are looking at adding a 'screen' option into the Leap Frog 48 & 96, which would then allow you to move windows across the multiple desktops. This is detailed as issue ZOS-3197.
  2. Jon Hole

    Using Submaster to run a show

    Hi Russ, No, at the moment there is no way to make all the Playbacks into Submasters by default. This is something we have built into the ORB XF that is released later this month. We've set up Macros to do this before, and then saved the Macro onto a UDK. Be aware that Macros record the actual key presses - for example the Macro would record that you pressed the third syntax key, not the {page} syntax key.
  3. Jon Hole

    LeapFrog (48) ZerOS 6 and View/Desktop

    Hi Carl, At the moment the Leap Frog 48 & 96 are limited to the one desktop and view. You can record macros of different screen layouts (by recording you opening the windows), which is the best work around at the moment. This is something we are looking into expanding.
  4. Jon Hole

    Desk Crashed!

    Thanks Eric, I have passed this on to be looked at. Please let us know if you have any further problems. Jon
  5. Jon Hole

    ZerOS Software Version 6.0.0 Released

    I've added this as issue ZOS-3196 - we'll discuss the idea for a future update :-)
  6. Jon Hole

    Version 6 - LeapFrog48

    We will be looking at doing this in a future update, but I've added it as ZOS-3195 - thanks!
  7. Jon Hole

    Gaining control when switching submaster banks

    Hi Rookie, This is the normal behaviour of the Jester 12/24 - when you change pages any active submasters continue to stay on the pages they were at until they are no longer active (@ 0) and then switch to the new page you have selected.
  8. Jon Hole

    Version 6 - LeapFrog48

    I've logged this as issue ZOS-3191 and we'll look into why it's no longer working. This is an ORB and Frog 2 feature, that we are looking at adding to the Leap Frog 48 & 96 in the future. For now, however, you can only view Desktop 1. Unfortunately this is a bug that slipped through the net. It's already listed as issue ZOS-3190.
  9. Jon Hole

    android tablets

    We're looking into it :-)
  10. Jon Hole

    iSolution iMove 200SR

    Ho Tommyb, I'm guessing you are selecting 'Update Fixture File'? You need to select 'Load User Fixtures' instead. Hope this helps?
  11. Jon Hole


    We are currently running a promotion on twitter to give you the chance to win a free copy of the ZerOS Remote 2.0 for iPhone, iPod Touch and now iPad that has just been released in the App Store. For more information, please follow us @ORBdesk.
  12. Jon Hole


    We've just released ZerOS 6.0.0 and updated our twitter profile, and so I thought I'd take this opportunity to remind you of our twitter feed. @orbdesk gives you updates on the ORB and ORB XF, and helpful software tips and tricks - many that will help customers using other ZerOS consoles like the Leap Frog 48&96 and Frog 2. Currently, we are going through the new features of ZerOS 6.0.0. Please follow us, and send us a message letting us know how you are getting on with your console and the new ZerOS release.
  13. Jon Hole

    ZerOS Software Version 6.0.0 Released

    To accompany the ZerOS 6.0.0 release, ZerOS Remote 2.0 for iPhone, iPod Touch and now iPad has just been released in the App Store. The new release adds support for using an iPad as a remote monitor to the consoles, adds an ‘images loading’ popup during the loading phase and includes general performance enhancements. UK Link - £5.99 US Link - $9.99 We are currently running a promotion on twitter to give you the chance to win a free copy of the remote. For more information, please follow us @ORBdesk.
  14. Jon Hole

    Fixture File for Showtech Phantom 575

    Hi Orkney Boy, Please find the fixture file you are looking for attached. This will work on all Zero 88 consoles that have moving light support built in. Hope this helps Phantom 575 Pro EB.ift
  15. Jon Hole

    remote monitor

    well spotted! Created as issue ZOS-3190. Thanks for pointing these out Piero.
  16. Jon Hole

    Ease of Programming Moving heads

    Hi Jim, It's really easy! A few hints and tips: After patching your fixtures, click 'Auto Menus' in Setup > Patch and click all three options in turn (Create Auto Groups, Palettes and Macros). This will help you get started. Now, come out of SETUP. If it's not already, press VIEW 0 ENTER. This will open View '0' which is a default view. You should see Colour, Beamshape, Possition and Group palette windows on one of your monitors - with all the automatically created palettes that the desk made when you clicked Auto Menus. Pressing SHIFT + EFFECT will open the effetcs window, with all the defualt effects in there. When you select your moving head, all the effects available to that fixture will be highlighted. You can then activate an effect by clicking it, or typing 'EFFECT X ENTER'. Pressing the 'EFFECT' button allows you to change the Size, Speed and Offset on the encoder wheels. Get the effect looking how you want, and then just program that into your cue like you would program anything else. To stop the effect, change the size to '0'. A '0' size effect is equivalent to not having an effect at all. To go even further and create your own effect from scratch, you can click 'Effects Window' in the top left of the Effects Palette. Select the moving heads and you will see all their parameters list down the left hand side. I hope this gets you started ok?
  17. Jon Hole

    update window 6.0.0

    I've added the 'updating UDK' bug as issue ZOS-3188 and the 'Updating cues in stacks >1' bug as issue ZOS-3189. Thank you for alerting us to these.
  18. Jon Hole

    Informations about version 6.0

    Yep - you can do this. You just need to change the chase drive to 'beat' instead of 'auto' and then the desk will learn the speed you tap the button at, instead of using the BPM speed.
  19. Jon Hole

    update window 6.0.0

    Ahhh I see - we'll look at this tomorrow when I'm back in the office. You can press UPDATE and then press the actual UDK and this is accepted in the command line. Many thanks for taking the time to post the screenshot.
  20. Jon Hole

    update window 6.0.0

    Sorry, I didn't realise I was still using a beta of Phantom. However, I have upgraded to 6.0.0 and this still works fine. Here is a screenshot of Monitor 1 while updating a UDK.
  21. Jon Hole

    how do i make my own fixture template?

    Hi Adam, We provide the tools so you can make this yourself. There are available on the downloads section of the support site, here are the direct links to them: Fixture Tools (.zip) Fixture Editor User Guide (.pdf) If you get stuck just let us know :-)
  22. Jon Hole

    update window 6.0.0

    Attached is what I see when I update a UDK... is it the same?
  23. Jon Hole

    update window 6.0.0

    I can't replicate this problem, sorry. If you have time, if you could take a photo and either email it to me or attach it in a reply to this thread, it would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks,
  24. Jon Hole

    update window 6.0.0

    Hi Piero, What is not working in the Update Window? In all our tests this has been working fine. Many Thanks
  25. Jon Hole

    Verify DMX connections

    Do you mean the DMX run in your venue? Easiest way is to plug something in, patch it to the desk and see if it works! Alternatively, as long as this doesn't go through any splitters or mergers etc in the system, you could connect two pins together on one end of the connection (using a bit of wire / paper clip etc) and then use a continuity checker to see if there is continuity between those same two pins on the other end of the run.

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