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  1. DMX Values

    However it's happened, the setting will be saved into the show. However, I'm guessing you're running old software as the latest software will force it back to percentages, so the best option is to save the show, update the firmware and then load the show back in
  2. USB Install Creator application

    Yep, as Mike says it's all within the .zip file. That can be downloaded by clicking "Download ZerOS" on this page: http://zero88.com/software/zeros/
  3. Understanding tracking?

    Send over the showfile with details on which fixtures should be doing what in which cue and I'll take a look I end up with all sorts of odd versions of ZerOS only laptop... I think this was an old early beta
  4. Iiyama Prolite T1531SR Usability

    Yep, should do :-)
  5. Understanding tracking?

    You can only have either Snapshot or Smart Tag enabled at any one time. Enabling one will disable the other. SHIFT+RECORD only temporarily enables Snapshot for that one Record, and then reverts the settings back to how they were previously. SHIFT+RECORD / Snapshot doesn't affect the tracking setting - this setting is left as whatever it was before (Tracking forwards / backwards / both / cue only). Already is :-) It's a "macro". If you enable both "Smart Tag" and "Cue Only", you shouldn't get any future blocked values.
  6. Understanding tracking?

    This is the problem. Shift + Record is "Snapshot" not "Cue Only". In Snap Shot, every parameter gets recorded, no matter what. The other thing to remember is just because the intensity of a fixture is tracking / not tracking, doesn't matter that the individual parameters are / aren't. Move on Dark only works if the fixture is at 0% (or another parameter is set to a value that "is dark", such as "Shutter Closed") AND the parameters that are "moving" do not have programmed values within that cue. Because you've been using Snapshot, every cue has parameters programmed within it, and therefor the lights are not moving in dark. I've opened your show on an ORB XF, which shows this a little more clearly, essentially the red values are "bad" (in this situation, not always): The easiest way to solve this will be to go into the Playback settings (SETUP + GO together), go to "Advanced" along the top, and then choose "Unblock". This will remove all the red values shown above. To stop this happening in the future, in the Record Window enable "Smart Tag" - this does lots of the cleaverness for you, and 90% of the time means you can ignore tagging, tracking, cue only etc.
  7. LED with Amber

    I'll try and explain where we stand on this... We now support RGBW fixtures within the colour picker and filter lookups. To do this, we make a very crude assumption that "white" LEDs are always the same (that being "all frequencies"). This is clearly not true, and therefor it's up to the Lighting Designer to choose a fixture with "white" LEDs that they like / are most suitable for the performance. That being said, we've had great feedback on our implementation, not just from users but from multiple fixture manufactures too. Amber (or any other colour) becomes a little more difficult because there's no definition of what "Amber" (or any other colour) is, or exactly where it lies within the frequencies / hues. Trying to solve this, some organisations take real life measurements of each fixture type and use these to try to calibrate control consoles. However, we believe there are multiple reasons why this doesn't give us a full solution: For the calibration to work efficiently, you need 100% of the fixtures in your rig to have had their measurements taken. No one has (or can) take measurements of every fixture type that's released into the market place, and therefor the likelihood you'll have a rig made up of 100% measured fixtures is minimal. Even once a fixture type has been measured, there are too many external variables. Try getting the same colour (and intensity) out of two discharge lamps, when one is brand new and the other is towards the end of it's life. Even if the lamps are replaced at the same time, the measurements are only accurate at the point your fixture has the same lamp hours as the fixture that was measured. LEDs can change over time too, and even more frustratingly between batches. Therefor, two identical fixtures, both used for the same number of hours, can show a difference in colour. Especially at the lower end of the market. Even if you solve all of the above, we're assuming you're projecting onto a white surface. As soon as the surface changes colour, the operator is required to counteract this colour shift anyway (if they can). So, is there a solution? Maybe. Have a look at this: http://www.mikewoodconsulting.com/articles/Protocol%20Fall%202014%20-%20Color%20Communication.pdf
  8. So, let's talk ZerOS & Smart Watches

    There's no guarantee on this - for now we want to find out how much interest there is, and exactly what the App needs to do, so if we do it, we get it right first time. So, do we need anything else? Display the current cue? If so, of which Playback - the currently viewed playback or only the Master Playback? Do we need a way to press "GO"? With next/previous, do we skip fixtures with Pan/Tilt and assume you won't be focusing those? Do we add the ability to next/previous within a group, so from the console you can select all the fixtures on a truss / bar / stand, and then next/previous only cycles through those? Throw ideas around...
  9. LED with Amber

    The Colour Picker will only affect the RGB values. Amber can then be added in / removed using the dedicated encoder wheel. I'd ensure that Amber is defaulted to 0% rather than 100% (if this isn't already the case, this can be altered in SETUP > Edit Fixtures > Defaults)
  10. Last cue of playback (chase) stays active

    Thanks for sending that over. If you select fixture 113, press "colour" and then along the bottom of the touch screen tap "Red", "Green" and "Blue" so they all go light blue rather than dark blue. Now, press and hold UPDATE. When the Update Window appears, tap "Smart Tag" to turn it off. Now type "1" (for Cue 1) and press the {Playback 1 button} to update Cue 1 on that Playback. This should solve this problem. We've logged this as ZOS-7535 so this doesn't happen in the future
  11. Move in Dark problems when jumping cues

    As I said before: Last week we released ZerOS 7.9.2 which was the second of these two updates, so no - these two haven't been implemented yet.
  12. Last cue of playback (chase) stays active

    I think it depends if you chose the RGB fixture with or without virtual dimmer. Send over the showfile and we'll take a look.
  13. zerOS WING, wide mode

    You can record Macros for this sort of thing. Type RECORD MACRO 1 ENTER Choose "Keys" Press PAGE UP on both wings twice Press MACRO to finish recording the macro. Now do the same for PAGE DOWN. You can trigger this by taping the Macro in the Macro Window or by typing Macro 1 Enter. You can also put these onto two of the UDKs so they become "Global Page" buttons - just type MACRO 1 RECORD {UDK}
  14. Last cue of playback (chase) stays active

    Have the fixtures got an intensity or a virtual dimmer? If they don't, I wonder if move on dark is having an affect. Could you post the showfile?
  15. Clear/Reset Options

    Any fixtures (including those from the library) that are used in the show are saved within the showfile to ensure compatibility when switching between consoles (or, as in your example, upgrading the software)
  16. De - select all button for the future

    Pressing the Clear button once (if something's selected) will deselect everything
  17. Issue with Z Remote on iOS 10

    They are with Apple being reviewed :-)
  18. ZerOS 7.9.2 Released

    I've added the release notes as a separate PDF on the download page (they remain inside the .zip file too) Fair point, I've swapped a few things around, what do you think? zero88.com/software/zeros
  19. Clear/Reset Options

    We should possibly revisit the options in this window. "Factory Reset" is designed for hire companies in between jobs. On FLX, there probably isn't any difference, but on some ZerOS consoles this resets the options when you first turn on the console (would you like to run in tracking etc). It's there as we're working to get all the options standard across the range... but this is an irregularly admittedly.
  20. Fixture editor: Auto create palettes

    This will be changing soon, but yes - to make it much easier to program, run effects, use the colour picker etc, we suggest patching each "cell" individually.
  21. Cue names and playbacks

    Hi Stefan, We'll look into both of these things. Currently the MFF window only shows the faders of the current page on the console. Jon
  22. FLX User Manual

    Hi All, FLX consoles ship with a "Quick Start Guide" - a 20 page manual that takes you through the major features of FLX. The more in depth User Manual has been one of those projects that's just attracted delay after delay in every way possible! Whilst we finish it off and proof read it, I'm posting a draft copy of the document to help those customers who have been very patiently waiting for it. FLX User Manual- 1st Draft.pdf I'll take this opportunity to again thank our very valued users who are regularly active here on the forum. Not only asking questions and giving us feedback, but also replying to questions and helping each other out. That's exactly what the Zero 88 Community Forum is for, so thank you! All the best, Jon
  23. FLX User Manual

    We don't generally update manuals every software release, only when there are significant changes. Release Notes are used to document the smaller changes. The latest FLX manual is ZerOS 7.9.1, and there aren't any major new features for FLX in ZerOS 7.9.2.
  24. Move in Dark problems when jumping cues

    Hi Joggel01, My colleague Franck can support you in German - please email him on FranckTiesing@Eaton.com Mein Kollege Franck unterst├╝tzt Sie auf Deutsch - bitte mailen Sie ihn auf FranckTiesing@Eaton.com Jon
  25. ZerOS 7.9.2 has now been released, and so beta download links have been removed. Dear All, We're continuing our Public Beta Releases of ZerOS 7.9.2, allowing users to preview (and provide feedback on) the latest ZerOS features. Please remember that you run this software at your own risk. Although we always try our best to help in all situations, please be sensible when you install this software. Don't install new software on your console mid-run or when it is critical that your console is fully operational. This is a pre-release build of ZerOS, so we do not recommend using it on live shows. If you are unhappy with the Beta software, you can backdate to the current release version of ZerOS by downloading the software from this link: zero88.com/software/zeros/ If you are going to load a showfile onto Beta Software, please keep an original version of the showfile safe, encase the Beta Software saves data that can not be read on a previous Release Version of software. This release is for all consoles and servers running the ZerOS Operating System. Draft release notes can be found here: There are major differences to how the Solution Series (and Leap Frog 48 &96) operate - please read through the following documents, and the release notes, and spend time becoming familiar with the software. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Best Regards,