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  1. FROG2 & ZerOS

    We pride ourselves in supporting our customers significantly past the warranty of their Zero 88 consoles. FROG2 was first released almost 13 years ago at PLASA Show 2004 in London, and we still regularly support FROG2 customers via the forum, email, social media and phone with programming guidance and fixture library updates (along with many other consoles much older than FROG2!). However, there's one area we can no longer support. We have been unable to port the latest ZerOS features across to FROG2 without affecting performance and stability, due to limitations of the FROG2's older hardware. Therefore, ZerOS, which was released in October 2016, will be the last ZerOS release for FROG2. We continue to release new fixtures for FROG2 (Fixture Library Release 33 was launched last month, in June 2017), and support FROG2 customers in any other way we can.
  2. Pixel mapping

    Hi Luke, Yes, this is on the FLX roadmap and has started being developed. However, based upon feedback, we reprioritised features we were working on which is why this hasn't yet been finished or released. We don't currently have a timeframe on when it will be released. Jon
  3. Touch screen not working

    Hi Mike, if you don't mind, please could you email me your serial number as I'd like to get this recorded as a "Customer Comment" so we can keep track in case there are any similar issues in the future.
  4. Touch screen not working

    Glad it's fixed! Out of interest, what was wrong?
  5. Frog2 after 7.8.0

    We're still reviewing the situation with FROG2, and hope to have news within the next month. FROG2 is now a 13 year old design, and it's not so easy to bring the new features across.
  6. Recording Positions into subs from position palettes

    Just to confirm, this is by design and due to the way Smart Tag works - Smart Tag ignores all fixtures with 0% intensity
  7. Multiple DMX to one channel

    In Edit Fixtures, go to the channel and click "add" by DMX address... repeat this until you've added all the addresses you wish
  8. Recording individual parameters in palettes

    When you move an encoder, the box on the touchscreen above the encoder highlights in blue. This means that parameter is "tagged". If you tap that box (or hold CLEAR whilst moving the encoder) it will become untagged. Only tagged values get recorded into palettes. That said... In the Record Window you can override this. "Smart Tag" will ignore manual tagging and use a set of rules to decide what should be tagged and not tagged. If Smart Tag's not enabled, you can also filter by attribute along the bottom of the Record Window - the line along the side of the button changes between blue (off), red or green. Blue means no parameters within that attribute will get recorded (no matter if they are tagged or not). Red means only tagged parameters within that attribute will get recorded (this is default). Green means all parameters within that attribute will get recorded (no matter if they are tagged or not).
  9. 7.9.2 Questions

    We're looking into additional options. Currently there's programmer time which affects anything in the programmer (syntax, palettes etc), Global Tap Tempo which affects chases (only if they are linked to the Global Tap Tempo) and Speed Override which is designed for more theatrical users, where they need live control to speed up or slow down the currently fading cues during a transition. Just to confirm, you're using the 10 built in playbacks, plus 12 external faders via DMX In to control playbacks, plus spare channel faders from the console itself to control additional playbacks? If you remove the merge, and just plug either Universe 4 or the other console directly into the DMX In, do you still see the same issue? As a temporary fix you could disable the shifted mode of the playbacks you're using with the remote console by going into the Playback settings and under "Button action" hold shift and deselect Solo. We will investigate this, thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed explanation! If you hold SETUP and press the GO button of the Playback, is the Button Action set to "GO (Fade)"? If it's not, set it to "GO (Fade"), press OK and now try it. If it's already set to "GO (Fade)", or changing that doesn't help, please save your show and either upload it to the forum, or email it to support@zero88.com and someone will take a look for you!
  10. Adjusting External Monitor Resolution

    Thanks! Have done.
  11. Adjusting External Monitor Resolution

    Try enabling that, rather than having it on "Auto"
  12. We're excited to welcome Edward Smith to the Eaton family. Edward's already an active contributor to our forums and Beta Test programs. He has now joined us full time from the University of South Wales, studying BSc (Hons) in Lighting Design and Technology, where his skills and experience quickly caught our eye. Edward will be providing both onsite and remote support and training, along with supporting our Sales, Marketing and Engineering teams.
  13. Midi show control from scs to orb

    Hi Paul and SJWicks, We've found an issue in the latest software version that affects some hardware variants which causes MIDI to (try and) be read at the wrong baud rate. We're getting it fixed asap and will get a beta out tomorrow. If you would like to be part of the Beta Test group to access this, drop me an email (jonhole@eaton.com) and I'll add you to the group. Jon
  14. It sounds like you're already planning to see the desk "in real life" - we always recommend this method... there's no better way to decide if a console is suitable for you than to get in front of one and play with it for an extended period of time
  15. It's a work in progress, but by doing so we've set of a chain reaction which has become an enormous job. In short, to upgrade the forum we need to support a different version of PHP. To do that, we need to migrate to another server. However that server doesn't appear to support older versions of PHP, which in turn breaks the software that manages our knowledgebase, software downloads and legacy product information. So first we're migrating all that information, then we can migrate servers, then we can upgrade the forum.
  16. Saved Files

    Old showfiles are automatically converted when you load them into the new software, so they continue working. However, they are not backward compatible, so showfiles saved in the new software cannot be loaded back into the old software.
  17. Manual fade times

    We've had several requests for the ability to disable the Grand Master, so in the future you'll be able to use the Grand Master for other functions instead - such as this.
  18. FLX suddenly scrolls across the highlighted line?

    We always like it when it's not our fault
  19. A Q: How to create a blank que on ORB XF

    In ZerOS, "Blank Cue" was the name given to "Cue 0" - a blank cue which couldn't be edited. This isn't available in ZerOS 7.9.2 (it wasn't included within the overhaul of ZerOS on x86 consoles), but is will be returning to ZerOS in 7.9.3 - there won't be a setting for it, it'll always be available if you jump to it ("CUE 0 GO" or hold GO, type "0" and release GO) or if you scroll up from Cue 1.
  20. Parking a Moving Light

    I've added this as a request for this feature, logged as ZOS-3846
  21. Editing Cues in Playbacks

    This is exactly what I'd suggest - it's super easy. If the cue is in a chase, or a followon, pressing SHIFT+GO will snap the cue (rather than fading it) and pause any following cues (as long as you haven't change any of the GO button functions in Playback Setup).
  22. 7.9.2 Questions

    Hi Ovidijus, If you go into "Other Windows" > System Info > Event Monitor, do you see fader movements appear whilst not touching the front panel? Jon
  23. De - select all button for the future

    It's not a stupid question, but we shouldn't underestimate the work involved in writing the specification, developing the software and then extensively testing it on all 5 variants of the Jester range.
  24. Fixture update fail.

    Hi Terry, Odd... you clearly shouldn't be experiencing this. Normally when we see a Fixture Library installation fail part-way through with the error "Wrong File Type", it's because the ZerOS library rather than the "Filtered Library" is being used - however I'd expect it to fail earlier than 99% of the way through, and not to then randomly work the following morning. I'm part-wondering if it's because it's formatted on macOS, however I don't see why this should be an issue. I'm also part-wondering if there's a hardware issue with the USB on your console - how old is it? Jon