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  1. USB Keyboard

    Most (possibly all?) Apple keyboards have a built in USB hub, which might be causing it not work.
  2. Jester 24/48

    Thanks, marketing will get this updated :-) Kevin's correct :-)
  3. Frog 2 Firmwareupdate ???

    Hi Pip, There's more information on ZerOS & FROG2 here: http://zero88.com/forum/topic/7970-frog2-zeros/ Jon
  4. Fixture Swap-Out - HowTo

    Hi Kevin, go to SETUP then: - on FLX S and/or beta software - in the Fixture Schedule tap the fixture type which takes you to “Add Fixtures” and allows you to change the fixture - on release software of all other consoles - in Patch Overview, go to the “type” column and tap “change”. This takes you to the Patch Wizard where you can change the mode or press “back” to change the fixture type This is slightly different if patched via RigSync. In this situation, when the new fixture is discovered, renumber it to the same number as the original fixture and choose “merge”
  5. Patch Wizard

    Hi Jon, On FLX S, we streamlined the patching process to make it much quicker and simpler than other ZerOS consoles.We're about to expand this even further by adding Search, Offsets and Universe overviews in the next software release. The change in name from "Patch Wizard" to "Add Fixtures" was a relatively last minute change based on user feedback, as they saw this phrase to be much more clear to novice users. The manuals, videos, Guidance etc all point to using SETUP > Add Fixtures. However, you're right - within the Z button is an option that we missed when doing that last minute change to improve the console, and we have fixed that in the latest beta. Hope this makes sense, Jon
  6. FAT32 or NTFS for USB stick to record and transfer shows

    We just need as much information as possible please. For example, a screenshot of that prompt ?
  7. FAT32 or NTFS for USB stick to record and transfer shows

    I've not encountered this problem on Win7 or Win10. Please can you explain exactly what's not getting copied across?
  8. Welcome to the new Zero 88 Community Support Forum! We have a fresh appearance, clean layout, many new features and a fully "responsive" design for use on mobiles & tablets. Previous users - you used to have a "Username" and a "Display Name" (many users had the same for both). This new forum only uses the "Display Name", so you must login using either your Display Name or your email address. For example, my old username was "jonhole", but my display name was "Jon Hole". I now log in using "Jon Hole" (including the space). This is the second stage of upgrades to our website, having launched our new Knowledgebase last month - support.zero88.com We hope you like the changes!
  9. Prewarning - temporary forum outage

    The transfer has now been complete. Thank you for your patience and understanding, and sorry for the inconvenience caused!
  10. Dear all, We are expecting to take our forum offline for a couple of days whilst we backup our databases and transfer over to a new web server. This is preparation for upgrading our forum software - the next stage of improvements to the Zero 88 website, which started last month with a new Knowledgebase. At present, we're unsure of the exact timings - but we'll endeavor to minimize our time offline. All the best, Jon
  11. External Touchscreen

    Hi, Hope you like the new console! Please could you drop me an email - JonHole@Eaton.com - with your contact details, and I'll give you a call to discuss. All the best, Jon
  12. Matrix/ Pixel mapping

    It was. But it was limited, time consuming and unreliable so we didn't release it. We've made this mistake more than most - we talk about future features, and then get beaten up when we miss our self-inflicted deadlines because priorities have changed. ZerOS has come a MASSIVE way since that beta was previewed. Literally thousands of "issues" / requests have been completed for new features that make our consoles faster, more powerful and more reliable. We decided this was a higher priority, and the vast majority of our user base agreed and thanked us for this decision. We're not ignoring the matrix functionality. Specifications are in the process of being written and reviewed, and it's coming further up our priority list.
  13. Playbacks change the whole show :(

    Another thing to try - hold SETUP and press the GO button, choose "Advanced" at the top of the window that appears, and choose "Unblock". If this solves the problem, let us know and we'll try to work out how the problem was caused!
  14. Clear/Reset Options

    Hi Kevin, It's a difficult one - in some situations customers may class patch, palettes, UDKs and playbacks all as showdata. However in other situations we may only class the playbacks as showdata. We do have various Gemini issues related to cleaning up the Clear Options screen to make it easier and quicker.