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  1. Step Based Effects

    Hi, Just wondering if there is a facility on the ORB to program a step based effect - ie for a flickering light bulb practical - or whether this would have to be done through a chase submaster? Thanks, Gareth
  2. UDK Settings

    Is there anyway to change the settings for the UDKs on a per-UDK basis rather than defaults for times etc - ie being able to type [Time][3][uDK6] or similar to make it fade over that time rather than defaults? Cheers, Gareth
  3. Update Process

    Did do today - same process and same result, desk appearing to be locked before 'starting' properly. We have a tech on the weekend so returned to the 5.3.5 software after leaving it for a few hours and the installation and restart ran without a problem, so the desk hardware at least is as it should be... Any suggestions for trying again next week after the show? Cheers!
  4. Update Process

    Hi, Updated the Orb today with 5.4 from USB - installation package ran fine on the Orb and showed complete saying to turn off and on again, however since that the board loads past the Zero88 Splash, and shows 'Loading Please Wait' on the inboard monitor. We've left it in that situation for about 4 hours and it hasn't changed state or loaded into the show mode - is this normal to take that long? Cheers, G
  5. Using Phantom ZerOS with WYSIWYG

    Hey, Trying to link them up and am following the earlier guide, but still having problems - noticed i'm getting an error message to the tune of 'Error loading C:\Program Files\Zero88\Zero 88 WYSiWYG Driver\Zero88WYSiWYGDriver.dll' Any suggestions? Cheers, G