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  1. Visage Eco LED Par VIS0484.1

    Downloaded the profile and works fine on my Frog 2. Thanks Keith as always. As to the UV issue its on the same bank as the Amber and white, ie the second bank of colour controls
  2. Deleting a fixture type from the libary on the console

    To elaborate If you think you have the correct fixture and it is named, unless you can get rid of the wrong fixture you have no idea which fixture you are trying to load. Plus in my case I accidently have a clash of dmx but cant work out how to clear the wrong fixtures from the list
  3. USB help

    I am having the same problem. I am using the official memory stick. Sometimes it falls over when formatting and sometimes as it tries to transfer files. I assume there must be a fix.
  4. Deleting a fixture type from the libary on the console

    If you have fixtures installed on a desk and dont want it anymore how do you remove it from the installed fixtures?
  5. I cant get into setup having updated the operating software

    I have now made a disk and tried using that to install update. It suggests the correct OS is installed however if I press the Setup button on the upper keypad it actually inserts @ in the box which of course is the symbol on the lower keypad. I think I am going to have to get the desk serviced as it is useless at the moment!
  6. Deleted or lost cues

    I am working on a show with a friend who is actually doing the programming. Yesterday morning we had worked our way to the end of a fairly complicated show and thought it was just tweaking time. However I got a call to hear that chunks of cues had gone. The cues left seem to be ones that were adjusted at the end of play yesterday. Sadly there was no stored recovery backup so a lot of Act One has had to be redone. I can imaging the odd cue going but not chunks. Has anyone else had this problem?
  7. I cant get into setup having updated the operating software

    I think my update disk has not installed right. Its a pity there is not an iso file somewhere that can be downloaded as trying to create a disk that works is a bit of a black art as where do you confirm it is correct?
  8. I cant get into setup having updated the operating software

    Day job in the way so I will have look later.It didnt cross my mind there might be an issue. The desk has been sitting in my living room since April. Looks like I will have to fire up the Leapfrog for a one night show on Friday.I did up date to the latest software to try and get rid of some bugs we talked about then. I assumed it did install right Cheers Nick
  9. Foolishly I updated the software and thought all was fine. Today I have gone to setup some fixtures and pressing the setup button fails to bring up the setup window. I have tried a double tap as well. Pressing it brings up desk light brightness momentarilly
  10. Failure to update OS on Frog 2

    Because of various bugs I am trying to update the OS. I started trying the USB way and after a bit of thought the desk ended up with blank screens and nothing happening. I then downloaded and burnt a disk. Again this started to do things then all screens went blank and I never get a page asking if I want to install stuff. Any ideas?
  11. Replacing a battery in the Frog 2

    Thanks for that last tip. Exactly that happened, hence the post about the empty holder. All fine now
  12. Betapack 3 Channels 1 & 2

    This sounds exactly like a fault I have with a Betapack 3 except this is on channels 5 and 6
  13. Colour Edit Mode - CMY or RGB

    I am using a combination of LED equipment. Having changed the Frog 2 to RGB, I note the wheels for levels move in the opposite direction to the other RGB kit. I cant see an obvious menu setting
  14. Replacing a battery in the Frog 2

    Update, I worked out how to get the right part of the cover off. When I looked inside there were two battery positions. The one on the base plate was there but there was not one in the holder under the top panel! I replaced the one on the bottom. On putting back together it still says non volatile battery not there. There is no sign of a battery anywhere else I can see. Any ideas please
  15. Replacing a battery in the Frog 2

    By coincidence I had to replace batteries in leapfrogs twice in the last year and that was fine. On power up today of my Frog 2 it had a warning message about the battery. To save time can someone say which part of the desk has the battery so I don't waste time undoing screws that don't need to come out, and what type would it be? Thanks NIck