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  1. Hi All, I recently went to a school to sort out their lighting equipment and im trying to find the manual for their dimmers and they don't seem to exist anywhere on the internet. They are CCT Regal 6 dimmers. I have been on the CCT site but I can't find them anywhere. My reason for posting on the Zero 88 forum is because on the back of the dimmer theres Zero 88 branding so thats the only lead I have to finding out more about these mystery dimmers. I can get hold of a picture if needed. Thanks in advance, Si
  2. Betapack 2

    Hi, Last year we moved into a new school building and got lots of new gear. The company that did it took the 6 Betapack 2's and took them to the new hall, but only fitted 3 of them so we have 3 not being used. I am wondering if its possible to convert them into portable units so we can use them in various different locations. We would like to fit the 2 DMX terminations on the front and connect the relevant power in the back. Would anyone be able to suggest how we do this, or where we can get it done. Thanks Si