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  1. Scroller Colours

    Yes, all is working as I had hoped!
  2. Scroller Colours

    Succeeded at last! I downloaded your file again, Kevin, but on my laptop instead of my main computer. It worked straight away. Comparing the two downloads together showed (although both were named the same), the new one was an "ift" file but the other was an "internet shortcut" file. I still don't know how your file and mine differ but I modified your file to my filters and it now works fine! Many thanks for your help. John
  3. Scroller Colours

    That's the box I meant. I have only tested this on "Phantom" so far but it was identical to the real desk with the other file. I'll keep on trying! John
  4. Scroller Colours

    Thanks for that, Kevin. Have now done that and the colours come up instead of just the names. All worked well. Switched off and then switched on again and only the scroller value (0-100) comes on when selected. The pallette no longer appears when the wheel is pressed. Could it be the "FIX" column in the editor? Attached the revised fixture. John Scroller+Lamp.ift
  5. Scroller Colours

    Thanks for the file. Unfortunately, having copied it onto a memory stick, I tried to load it into Phantom FLX and although the file shows in the root directory of the stick, the file was not visible to load. It will not load into Fixture Editor either. I took it this morning to the theatre and it is not visible to the desk either. I attach my attempt at a file. Can you see anything wrong? Scroller+Lamp.ift
  6. Scroller Colours

    All these things check out. The scroller can still be addressed and it's colour changed by using the wheel as if the details are not there in the fixture profile. I'm wondering if something is slightly wrong in the fixture editing. But why does it work when first patched but not later? This is a puzzle.
  7. Scroller Colours

    Using 7.8.5 software and the Recovery Mode is set to last state. I saved the show and reloaded it after switching off but it still does not restore the function.
  8. Scroller Colours

    I have created a scroller and lamp fixture using Fixture Editor which has details of the filters used. I installed it on FLX and they worked beautifully. Pressing the first wheel displayed a list of the colours and selecting one of the colours immediately set the scrollers as I needed. However switching the board off and then on again the next day this facility was no longer available. Installing the fixtures again put it right but switch off lost the faciity again. Even recording on USB would not load it again. Is this a fault or am I doing something wrong?
  9. Lock console not locking everything

    Just getting to know FLX after several years with Jester TLextra. I find the console lock function confusing. The monitor is dead - the Grand Master doesn't work - the outputs are still outputting but will not change with the GO button and the individual faders have no effect. Fading the playback fader resets the cue to number 1. I much preferred the Jester locking which is as Central Theatre described. Is there any hope of adding this method later?
  10. LED Control

    Many thanks for that. All fine. I knew I must have missed something!
  11. LED Control

    Just getting used to the new TL Extra. I have several LED lights and have installed them as fixtures which are working well. Is it possible to crossfade between two memories so that the colours fade slowly from one to another? They just switch suddenly to the new setting. I can do it if I patch the lamp to the generic dimmers but this seems to defeat the object of a very good board. Can anyone help, please?