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  1. Desk wont boot up

    Thanks, will do and let you know how It goes! Gavin
  2. Desk wont boot up

    I was unable to see what was displayed on the monitor at the time as it was not working but since then I have connected another monitor and found that an error message was being displayed saying " An unexpected error occurred the last time the desk was used!" and asked if I wanted to save the error data to memory stick. I did not have a USB stick in at the time and the software version is 4.2.0 7/9/2007 LNX. I saved the error data to memory stick and the desk booted up and so far appears to be operating correctly. I have attached the error file for your information.DEBUG.DAT
  3. Desk wont boot up

    I had a problem with my desk today when I turned the desk on the Initial display screen with the "Loading please wait" statement was displayed and the "Frog" logo was displayed arroend the other displays on the desk then all displays go blank and no funtionality is available on the desk. Any suggestions please!