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  1. Show not loading

    Thanks folks. Think it is most likely to be the battery as this happened overnight. She did it yesterday, switched off and this morning it was not there. Nobody else has been in the building. Paul
  2. Show not loading

    Strange case. Person I had lent the Fat Frog to yesterday phoned this morning to say that all the cues she programmed yesterday are not there when the desk was turned on this morning. The show was not saved to disk. Anyone got any ideas on this? Paul
  3. Simple HTP/LTP question

    Feel free to shoot me for this really simple question but I just want to check. When running a fat frog, if you have one submaster up that has Cascade Scrollers in and then put in another with just moving head fixtures selected, this wouldn't change the scroller colour would it as that fixture is not in the memory? I'm asking ahead of doing Fame next year where I am wanting to program the moving lights seperately from the generics rather than in the same memory for things like chases. Paul
  4. Naming Memories & Submasters

    Thanks guys for the info. Got it all done and thankfully the editor saved the day as most of the work had been done when I finally came to see the show properly Paul
  5. Naming Memories & Submasters

    Hi Due to a really stupid get in arrangement I have had to programme for a show without the correct rig in place so have not actually seen the show lit as such. In order to save further time when I do finally get in and have chance to edit, is there anyway of naming memories using the Phantom Frog facility as my laptop will not allow me to? Paul