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  1. Profile Settings

    If I go onto my profile settings, most options appear three times; so it lists out contact details three times, then description three times. Although when I first went on only the first occurence containted content, however if I change the others the info is saved.
  2. Stairville MH 575 S

    Just wondering, I noticed that with the switch 1 off (Mine is on) there are only 11 channels; no zoom. Is that correct? Works fine with 1on so assume it works with off. Also for your reference the shutter is defaultly closed not open.
  3. Stairville MH 575 S

  4. Stairville MH 575 S

    Thanks The basic one works fine with the channels, but it is tedious using the raw values for some of the functions. Just now to wait for Peter to come online
  5. "Fixed" checkbox in Fixture Type Editor

    What does the "Fixed" check box do when adding details to channels int he fixture editor? I have checked the manual and there is no mention of it. The only thing I can think of it doing is if a function of a range e.g. 64<>71 does only one purpose and their is no variable. Is this it's function? Thanks Edit: Ah I couldn't find this post when I searched.
  6. Stairville MH 575 S

    Ah, Thanks. I can't find any more information about the head; I guess trial and error is the only way to find out the exact details. However I'll contact the manufacturer to see if I can get any more information though. Here's the chart with all the channel details. I had to remove the old attachment because of the max upload size. Much appreciated. Seeing as you know what you need more than I do; here's a photocopy of the entire manual; which includes both the posted tables. I had to host it on my site as in is over 800kb http://www.tclsite.net/stairville_mh575_manual.pdf
  7. Stairville MH 575 S

    Thanks! Saves me spending hours working it out... As a side note; do you have to set what the wheels control or is is done automatically by the desk? I'm using the Leap Frog 48.
  8. Does anyone have a fixture for the Stairville MH 575 S. The website provides no information about the channels and the manual provides a table of channels (see attachment) but I can't seem to use this data fully with the fixture editor to create a fixture. Any help is much appreciated. William