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  1. Merchandise / Swag / Freebies

    Just a thought but, Hows about selling Zero88 Merchandise, and donating the profits to your chosen Charity ? As theres a fair few people on here keen to buy, especialy if the money was going to a good cause. Cheers Jamie
  2. LED Par Cans

    Hi, Will be using a Leap Frog 48 in June with 20 LED Par Cans and about 10 Generic Dimmers. Cant find any info on this, so what would be the best way to assign them to chanels. Could they be set up as moving lights ? i suspect not. If not whats the best way to patch them, they are 5ch each so would probably have to pair up. Cheers Jamie EDIT: Just downloaded Phantom Frog X, all now makes sense. Cheers