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  1. Light factory question

    Thank you both very much. Just the answers I wanted. Cheers, very very much! Robin
  2. Light factory question

    I couldn't find any other topics on Light Factory, so I'm not convinced I'm in the right forum. If I am though, here is my question; I've just bought the Light Factory software, so I'm not a whizz at it yet, and I could be doing something stupid. I've patched in my old Martin Roboscan 518's, and everything works fine (gobo, colour etc) except movement. Each 'degree' moves the mirror from one extreme of its movement range to the other. But only pan (or tilt, I can't remember which) with barely any movement in the other plane. As a control test, I've patched in some nasty Martin 'disco-tat' scans that I own (SCX 500's I think) and they behave perfectly. The 518's have also worked fine on our Strand 520, so I think the fixtures themselves are fine. Any help with this would be much appreciated. Robin