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  1. i recorded a load of states onto submasters tonight and when it came to playing them back the subs that was of a verry similar state were not recorded any views on this hear from you soon carwyn hopton
  2. submasters not recording properly

    thanks for the reply ill check tomorrow when i get back into work
  3. the light dimming

    hi all just getting to grips with the software updates. But one thing i cannot seem to dimm the desk light. the settings come up when you first press the setup butten but then it seems to disappear. ive tried holding the button down but the only thing we can seem to get is the led screen settings thanks in advance Carwyn
  4. the light dimming

    hi pete thanks for clearing that up but just to let you know that it still appears for a fraction of a second. something to get a start on for the next software relise maybe
  5. relise notes

    i cant seem to download the relise notes
  6. relise notes

    thanks paul have just downloaded them
  7. Chase to music

    it seems that my desk does not like the chase to rhythm but likes the chase on base beat
  8. Submaster problems

    i had this problem, what i foud was if you take the beam action i thik down to 0% then it will relise it. was it a robe make light by any chanse
  9. time fade function

    i had a show on the weekend and some of the fade times went to zero instead of the 3sec standard that i recorded with it. i went to start the show on the second night and the desk had frozen. it had frozen between be putting the preset up and the show starting 30 mins later any ideas
  10. time fade function

    the desk just froze and wouldnt let me do anything i had to turn the desk off and back on and it did not ask me to save a report. so i dont know what the duck hapened. mind you it was the first show i used movers with the desk thank you carwyn
  11. copy button

    hi the copy button does not seem to be copying the ques you request properly asin it soesnt capture all the channels Thankyou Carwyn
  12. copy button

    thanks peter
  13. installing on desk

    trying to install software on desk. followed instructions opend application and run it onto usb stick then put it into desk and turned the desk on and the desk wont open it up and install it any pointers asap Thank you Carwyn
  14. installing on desk

    i am updating with the usb stick supplied with the desk thanks
  15. Software Release 3.0???

    I thaught software relise 3 was supposed to be out in march it's now april 1st Hear from you soon Carwyn Hopton
  16. rem dim Button

    It might be worth on the mfk when in the command line mode to put a rem dim button Thanks Carwyn
  17. rem dim Button

    That sounds fine
  18. How do i set up a group or a macro
  19. went and tried out the solo function on my new desk today and the solo function wouldnt work. Any sugestions Thanks Carwyn
  20. rem dim Button

    I cant see any reason why we need a . (dot) button in that window
  21. Auto Function

    When using the auto feature on the memory it might be an idea instead for instance it staying on say for instance "auto 00:01:00" it would actualy count down in the box for you so you can se at what stage it is at
  22. link a sub to a q

    is it possible to link a submaster to a q as i want a chase to hapen on top of a scene is it possible if not is it possible to add it to the next software update Thanks in advance Carwyn hopton
  23. link a sub to a q

    That would be asking too much of the operator. as i am desining the lights for a premier of a welsh musical and it will run for 5 shows in 5 days and in the i will need to use the chase to create an effect that is not theoreticaly a chase. But the problem is that i am running the tec run and the first two nights and then the manager is going to run the rest as im away on a course that i cannot miss and the day of the tec run and the first two days of the show the manager is away on a course and it would be better all round if i coud encopourate everything in just pressing the GO button as i wont have time to talk to manager and i will have to mark the script up Thankyou VCarwyn
  24. non dims

    Is it possible to turn one of my dimmers to a non dim through the desk to control my optical starcloth
  25. Is there a training day for the Leap Frog 96 in cwmbran in the next month or two, because i've had a new leap frog 96 desk and the training could be handy