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  1. ETC Coloursource file fixture

    Thanks for this
  2. Hi All Has anyone go a fixture file for a ETC colour source par and profile. Thanks Carwyn
  3. Hi Has anyone got the fixture file for a Equinox PARTY PAR Thanks Carwyn
  4. Desk randomly rebooting

    7.8 or 7.8.2
  5. Desk randomly rebooting

    2 universes, power supply, and a usb stick thats been working fine with the desk for months. Desk has been turned on since 10am this morning been fine all day and between 8.35 and 9.05 this evening rebooted 7 times and there was nobody next to it it stabalised for 10 mins so after that hard power down and power up then been stable rest of the evening for at least an hour
  6. Hi guys Mid show without anyone touching it my lepfrog decides to do random reboots its now done about 6 reboots in about 20 mins power in the building is steady powers plugged in ok. Any ideas
  7. inhibbit

    Thanks for the reply but would be nice to have this function i know about the topset function but working on a fiew shows where this function would be handy
  8. Midi cue's via network

    Hi guys thanks for the replies just wondering if i could trigger the go button via a midi input from a sound desk able to output midi codes. What is the midi code to trigger the go button?
  9. inhibbit

    Is there a way to do an inhibbit channel on the leapfrog it would be great if it could do it with the subs.
  10. Midi cue's via network

    Hi Can the leapfrog take midi cue's from the network? What is the midi cue for hitting the go button? Thank You Carwyn
  11. Hi All This may seem a idiotic question but how do you patch channels 97 - 99 on the desk as when your in patch or patch edit you are unable to select them unless im compleately blind. ive been using this desk for some 7 years now and its now doing my head in. theyre visible on the outputs screen but never been able to patch to them Thank You Carwyn
  12. showtec indigo 5500

    Hi jon Thanks for that. The joys of getting movers in last minuit and going straight into a plotting session. Yip i was the guy that phoned also
  13. showtec indigo 5500

    has anyone got a personality for a showtec indigo 5500
  14. Hi Is there a command to change the submaster page from page 15 to page 1 in syntax. For Example 'Submaster Page 1' or 'Submaster Page 10' Thank You Carwyn