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  1. G'day, We recently purchased a new jester 24/48, 3 Features we feel the console lacks which would make it just that much better... 1. When you are in program mode (or run mode for that sake) If you are or have programmed a chase, there is nothing to tell you at what speed you are setting that chase at, just a small display on the monitor that shows you how many beats per second or what ever just to make it easier if you need to set the speed the to be the same at multiple points throughout your show. Of course there may already be something like this and im just over looking it??? 2. An offline editor? When you save the show to a USB stick and plug it into a pc, the pc obviously recognises that there is data on the stick, the jester doesnt "lock" the stick out like some other consoles do. I have searched for some pc software to view and edit the jester shows with but i cant seem to find anything? or i guess the alternative to that is, is it possible to install the jester console software on a pc as it is? One of the advantages of being able to view this on an offline editor would be the ability to print off your cues with all the information of each channel etc in each cue. 3. The last thing which would be very helpful, is there anything that indicates how far through an active cue change or cue fade? Obviously you can look at the live outputs and see which channels are changing and make a guess based on that, but i think it would be very beneficial to have something on the monitor, either a percentage or a time display that changes as the cue change progresses. Again im not sure if this feature is already included in the jester and i have it de-activated, but like i said i cant find anything about it in the manual. Other than that i think it is a FANTASTIC wee console, its perfect for small theatre and schools. Its a very simple wee console that works on the same basis as its bigger counterparts. A good desk to learn off. 2 Thumbs up to Zero 88 Cheers ^__^