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  1. gft33

    Help, I can not load gft33 in my frog2 zeros 7.8.0, at the end loading from memory error. do I have to update for strength? Piero
  2. gft33

    with the update the fixture library 33 has been loaded regularly P.
  3. gft33

  4. 7.8.0 or

    Hi, I currently work with zeros 7.8.0. What are the differences with zeros 7-8-2-39. I have no problems with 7.8.0 and I do not want to risk updating uselessly. Thank you Piero
  5. version 3.3 and frog2

    sorry, it was just a connection problem. you can delete the post Thank
  6. version 3.3 and frog2

    Hi, the new remote release does not work on frog2, how can I go back? P.
  7. Matrix/ Pixel mapping

    the beta version of 8.0 had already been launched more than five years ago with pixel mapping..
  8. Multimedia dmx software

    Hi, qlab is very good with timecode you can command the show in ZerOs console. It would have even good to have in ZerOS the midi notes function or midi show control and have even the midi out on the console for trigger the qlab. P.
  9. Frog2 after 7.8.0

    Hi, I wanted to know if the Frog2 is still upgradeable to the latest ZerOS. Is reliably? P.
  10. Frog2 after 7.8.0

    No update for my fantastic frog2?
  11. So, let's talk ZerOS & Smart Watches

    Hi everyone, I remain by my idea. Few things..selection and highlight
  12. So, let's talk ZerOS & Smart Watches

    All excellent ideas. I think for watch may be already sufficient that one shown in the up picture, for focus tool is necessary few things. For everything else there's the smartphone in your pocket. P.
  13. So, let's talk ZerOS & Smart Watches

    Hi Jon, this is good news..... The focus tool is the ideal application for smart watch, I had proposed two years ago . You can also use digital crown to faster scroll the fixtures an push to select. P.
  14. Frog2 after 7.8.0

    perfect, many thanks P.
  15. Issue with Z Remote on iOS 10

    Hi Jon, the app in Flight Test has expired and now I have the previous problems. When you can have the app updated. Thank you P.
  16. original flight case

    Hi all, I would like to buy a original flight case for Frog2, also used. Thank you
  17. original flight case

    It is no longer available in the catalog?
  18. iWatch

    something scheduled for iWatch? P.
  19. Midi Show Control

    Hi, is possible to implement the midi show control also on the Frog2. Regards piero
  20. Midi Show Control

    nothing new?
  21. iWatch

    simple remote for iwatch, for example fixture number scroll and dimmer or highlight with the side encoder. The 90% of the time I use zeros remote I use this, to calibrate projectors. P.
  22. video hue on dmx

    Hi, I saw an interesting function on the FLX, ie get mix rgb on a picture. There is an interface that does this automatically following the hue of a video and transform, for example, in a mix rgb on three DMX channels. I need to follow the color-changing hues of a video that is staged. Thanks for the reply
  23. video hue on dmx

    ok Jon, but there is something in commerce that converts a hue present on rgb video signal into a rgb dmx signal from interface on my super desk Frog2. P.
  24. FLX Lighting Console - Introduction & Overview

    few news yet ... will be the new Frog2?
  25. zeros iphone interface on ipad

    Hi, I would like to use the graphical interface of the iPhone also on iPad. This is much more practical as a remote control, because the panel programming on ipad application is unusable with frog2 and even with leapfrog. Thanks P.